SP4Ed 13.07 Instructions for Session 4: Drivers of fundamental change in education

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We now turn our attention to the drivers of fundamental change and future uncertainties.

Hi everyone,

Now that we have covered the foundations of scenario planning and reviewed a few examples, we can now move forward with the interesting part of the process, namely: to identify and share the key uncertainties for educational futures. Our target output for Session 4 is to publish a scenario planning matrix for generating your own scenario.

During Session 4 we will explore the drivers of change in education and focus our attention on differentiating between trends (predetermineds) and key uncertainties. We will reflect on the video signposts on key uncertainties identified by international thought leaders from the education sector, including: Sir John Daniel, Prof Terry Anderson, Ray Schroeder and Derek Wenmoth. We will also have the opportunity to introduce key uncertainties from our own experiences. Take care to select and use only as much of this stimulus material that suits your learning style and context. The goal is not to overload yourself - please leave time to assist in identifying key uncertainties.

You will find detailed instructions and corresponding links to the tutorials and activities for Session 4 from the workshop schedule page. (Note: If you missed the instructions for the previous sessions these are posted in the wiki on the Announcements page.)

We will work collaboratively to rank and prioritise identified uncertainties. In this regard we invite you to test our prototype "Questionstorm" feature we have developed for the SP4Ed course. Once logged into WikiEducator, you will be able to submit new uncertainties and cast your votes on the uncertainties submitted by participants.

You can view the current list of uncertainties and corresponding vote counts on WikiEducator. Please visit this page regularly and cast your votes as new uncertainties are submitted. If you have identified a key uncertainty through your research on this course, please add this to the list.

We look forward to reading the dynamic list of uncertainties and the rankings you assign. This should be fun!

Have a great day!

Your facilitators
Niki and Wayne