OERu learner support/FAQs

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Account questions How OERu works

How do I register on a course site (New account)?
How do I log in to a course site?
How do I enrol for a course (Existing users)?
How do I leave a course site? (Unenrol)
How do I reset my course site password?
How do I register or update my blog URL?

How does the OERu work?
What information is available on the main oeru.org site?
Why do individuals study with OERu?
How are OERu courses delivered?

Taking OERu courses Knowledge tests, certificates and badges

How do I locate OERu courses?
Where are the OERu online materials published?
What are the main menu options on the course site used for?
How do I navigate through a learning pathway?
How do I navigate using a smart phone?

What is an OERu knowledge test?
How do I register and log in to Moodle?
How do I enrol for a Certificate of Participation test?
How can I prove my participation certificate was really issued by OERu?
How do I enrol for a free Participant Badge test?
How do I view and download my badge in Moodle?
How do I create a Badgr 'backpack' for my badges?
How do I share my badges on my digital networks?

Using forums.oeru.org Using the resource bank

How is the forums site structured?
How do I find my course forum using categories?
How do I find forums using the course code?
How do I ask for help?

How do I create a bookmarks account?
How do I log in to the bookmarks site?
How do I retrieve a bookmarks password?
How do I add a resource to the bookmarks site?
How do I search the bookmarks site?

Other OERu technologies

What technologies are used for communication?
How to annotate a webpage with hypothes.is?
What are the key Mastodon actions and concepts?
How do I create a Mastodon account at OERu?
How do I log in to Mastodon?
How do I post a Mastodon toot with a hashtag?
How do I attach a media file to a Mastodon toot?