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To annotate web pages using hypothes.is:

  • For users of laptop and desktop computers:
    1. Add Hypothes.is to your browser. (Install the add-on for Chrome or bookmarklet for other browsers).
    2. Go to any web page, launch Hypothes.is (using the Chrome add-on or browser bookmarklet) and log in using the account you created at Hypothes.is.
    3. Highlight the text you want to annotate (see how to highlight text published by computerhope.com), click on the "Annotate" button which appears when you highlight the text, and type your annotation.
  • Choose to post publicly or privately:
    • To contribute to a course discussion, click "Post to Public" at the bottom of your annotation. This will make your post visible to other learners on your course, and to anyone in the world who uses Hypothes.is. Note that your public contributions are automatically dedicated to the public domain, so can be copied and re-used or adapted by anyone.
    • To make notes for your private use, click the small arrow next to "Post to Public" on your annotation, and select "Only Me" from the drop-down menu that appears.

The following video provides a brief overview of how to post an annotation, using a computer.