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What is an ambassador for WikiEducator?

Ambassador Bridge, photo courtesy of mcclouds
A WikiEducator Ambassador is a person who believes in the value of WikiEducator, and promotes WikiEducator as a platform for free educational resources, collaborative development and global network-building - connected to their own institution, community, peers, or even within their own country.

Ambassadors for WikiEducator assist in the realisation of our strategy by promoting activities which:

Ambassadors are people who have a passion to widen access to quality education through open networks and free content. They identify themselves in the WikiEducator community and keep us informed of their ambassadorial activities.

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What do ambassadors for WikiEducator do?

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Levels of ambassadorship

Like most things in life, we all get better with experience, so you don't need to be a guru with wiki technology to become a WikiAmbassador. With due acknowledgement to the FLOSS4Edu Pacific Regional Workshop, WikiEducator recognises the following levels of ambassadorship:

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What resources are available for WikiEducator ambassadors?

List of ambassadors for WikiEducator Note: This initiative was inspired by Ambassadors for eXeLearning

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