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Please note

If you haven't already done so, please read the section on Getting started as this section has important information to help you succeed.

If you plan to complete the assessment tasks so you can get credit for Unit Standard 25662, please also read the material in the Assessment overview.

The course schedule below provides you with suggested timeframes for completing this course, based on around 40 hours in total. How long you spend on each section is up to you, so the suggested times below are just a guide.

Remember to take regular breaks, especially when working on a computer! You shouldn't try to complete any unit in one sitting.

Unit Overview Topics
Unit 1:
Key concepts
This unit provides an introduction to the principles and use of word processing software.

Time: around 5 hours

Unit 2:
Working with text
This unit looks at a range of methods for editing and formatting text.

Time: around 20 hours

Unit 3:
Working with documents
This unit looks at how to create and manage a range of document formats.

Time: around 25 hours