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Default print settings

  1. Click on the down arrow of the Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Add Quick Print to your toolbar.

    This will automatically print using the default (automatic) print settings.
  3. Click on the Quick Print button on the Quick Access Toolbar
  4. Use the options to complete the Spell check for the Club Med document
  5. When the spelling check is complete a Dialog Box will appear: click on OK.
  6. Check that you have made all the corrections (the sample below has different line endings to make it easier to read here).


Print Preview

Add Print Preview to the Quick Access Bar

Print Preview allows you to view your document before sending it to the printer. We use this often, so it’s good to have it available all the time:

  1. Click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar and add Print Preview
  2. The Print Preview icon will now appear
  3. Click the Print Preview icon on your Quick Access Toolbar

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  • Work through the tutorial on Printing in Word 2007