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Selecting text

In order for us to be able to change the way text appears on the screen we must select the text that we want to change. When changing the format of one word, there is no need to select the text. However, when changing more than one word, you must select the text.

Selecting text (selecting is also referred to as highlighting) is used extensively in word processing so that we can make changes to the selected text. The following are the commands to SELECT your text.

First, open the Club Med document you saved earlier.

Selecting a word using double-click

  1. Double-click on the word Exceptional. The word is now selected and the mini toolbar appears faded out
  2. Click on the word again just once and the selection will disappear
  3. Double-click to select the word kindness
  4. Double-click to select the word attributes. Notice what happens to the fullstop.
  5. Double-click to select the word common. Notice what happens to the colon.

Extend selection using click and drag

  1. Position your cursor at this point:

  2. Click and hold the mouse button and drag across the next two words also


Selection bar

The selection bar is this area in the margin.


Selecting a line by clicking in selection bar

  1. Click here in the selection bar and the line will be selected

  2. This is what it will look like:

  3. Select the fifth line in the paragraph
  4. Select the next line (it’s a blank!)
  5. Select two lines e.g. line 1 and line 2 using click and drag down in the selection bar

Selecting a paragraph by double-clicking in selection bar

  1. Double click here in the selection bar and the paragraph will be selected:

  2. This is what it will look like:

  3. Click anywhere in the selected paragraph and the selection will disappear (or simply click anywhere else in the document to deselect the paragraph)

Selecting a whole document

  1. In the Home Tab, in the Editing Group click Select
  2. In the drop down box select Select All
  3. All the text in the document will become selected.
  4. Click inside the selected text to deselect
  5. Quick method: this time use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A to select the document.
  6. Click to deselect the text

Check out Selecting text for a list of quick methods for selecting text.

Formatting text

By changing the way text looks, you can draw attention to key words and ideas. To enhance our text we apply character formatting by using the icons on the Home tab or on the Mini Toolbar.

Note: Remember to first select or highlight the text you want to enhance – then move your cursor until you can see the mini toolbar.

OP icon activity.gif


Please note: the following links will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

  • Work through the tutorial on Formatting Text in Word 2007

Don't forget to watch the 4-minute video included in the tutorial.

Font Style

  1. In a blank document enter the text:

  2. Select this text: remember you have to select the text to change the font style

  3. Click on the down arrow beside the font styles on the Home Tab.

  4. A list of font styles will appear: scroll down and look at the number available.
  5. From the All Fonts section choose Berlin Sans FB - or another font if you prefer.
  6. The appearance of the text will change to reflect the new font.
    Note: If you make a mistake, click on the Undo button

Font Size

  1. Ensure this line is selected

  2. Click on the down arrow beside this icon.

  3. A list of font sizes available to you will appear: scroll down and look at the sizes which are possible. Choose size 18
  4. The size of your text will increase immediately.
  5. In a new line enter your name
  6. Select your name
  7. Change to a different font style of your choice
  8. Change to a different font size of your choice
  9. Save and close this document
  10. Now open the document called Club Med that you saved earlier.
  11. This time go to Home Tab, Font Group to change to a different font style.
    As you move over the different font styles, watch your document! The selected text will show the font style you are moving over – great!!
  12. Change the font size using the Home Tab, Font Group
  13. Preview your document
  14. Close preview (Change other styles and sizes if you want to).
  15. Save your document in your personal storage device
  16. Close your document/window (check your status bar – do you have any other Word documents open?)
  17. Use Ctrl + F4 if you only have one document open