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I am always happy to support learners in Organization Development, Human Resource Management, e-Governance, Digital Learning, OER development, Training Framework Development and Facilitator Development related topics. Please add your queries on my Talk page

My question to me
What would have been the destiny of human beings if the people discovered/identified/popularized the use of Fire and Wheel had taken Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for that?

I believe in Million Pillars Economy : An economy that grooms each one of its entrepreneurs to build pillars of that economy with greater focus to small and medium industries, startups and farming so that economic growth would be wide spread and stable. It would be like the economy is pivoted strongly on million pillars. ICT enabled state-of-the-art supply chain management system, that is competent to facilitate transnational business, shall be the backbone of the Million Pillars Economy.

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Occupation:Poet, Fiction Writer, Educationalist & Management Thinker
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My name is Anil Prasad. I'm from Kerala, India.
I strongly believe that Online Open Distance Learning is the real promise for the future of Higher Education. Open Educational Resources and Open Education would together build the inclusive and environment friendly mainstream Higher Education System for the future. I also understand the need for networking Educators all over the world for the success of this great Teaching and Learning Freedom Movement.
I find time to this voluntary social service, by the creative use of my holidays and out of office hours.
For sustained inspiration I keep on asking me the question "What would have been the destiny of human beings if the people discovered/identified/popularized the use of Fire and Wheel had taken IPR for that?" <smile>
I am also a Wikipedian since July 2007.

My Association with Wiki Educator

My landing on WE was accidental while searching a good governance related topic on Wikipedia in September 2007. Then the search page listed a link to The name of the URL (wikieducator) itself attracted me and I followed the link to land on this fascinating world of online ODL. From WE I also learned about Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and visited COL website. Seeing the great ideologies, principles and strategies that lead COL and WE (that are the need of time and people), I decided to associate with WE by creating a log in for me.
After some experimentation on my user page with the help of WE online tutorial, I understood that one of the important initial milestones for WE project is to start country nodes on WE for each participating county. So I set up a page for India on WE on 26/09/2007, the very next day on which I had created my user page (that was on 25/09/2007).
Subsequently, I have participated in the M&E Workshop conducted by the CEMCA (Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia) in New Delhi from 30/11/2007 to 02/12/2007.
Assisted the Indian WE Community and CEMCA in scheduling and conducting the inauguration function of the India Chapter of WikiEducator in New Delhi on 15/11/2008.
From 15/11/2008 onwards I am also a member of the Interim Advisory Board for WikiEducator India Chapter.
Started Million Pillars Economy open Economic theory development project on WikiEducator


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