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I've noticed your mission to identify uncategorised pages - great idea.

I'm wondering whether we shouldn't develop a series of tip-sheets (mini-tutorials) which we could link folk to a couple of how-to's which are linked from our to-do list / or how you can help WikiEd in the community portal.

Eg how to categorise uncategorised pages etc, how to help the images needed list etc.

I'm also wondering whether we couldn't get a bot to help with uncategorised pages.


Mackiwg (talk)13:53, 27 November 2007
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Wayne: yes, i think that's a great idea. All I have currently done is to point people from the Category:Needs Categorisation page to the Categories part of the tuturial, but perhaps a smaller more directed tutorial on what is required here would be nicer.

Re: bot. Yes, I've been advocating the use of a bot for a while now. Its going to get harder and harder for us humans to keep track of it all. We could quite easily have a bot that adds new pages that don't have Categories to the Needs Categorisation category so that people (not bots :-) ) can actually get in there and do some work figuring out where all this goes. I'll look into the Python Wikipedia bot ( and see if I can get one running to do something like this.

BrentSimpson (talk)13:53, 27 November 2007