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i'm not sure about the top hard rule on the iDevice Templates; if you have one iDevice after another it gets a little too distracting. what do others think? --BrentSimpson.

brent - I'll let our sysadmin guy know about the email problem - and copy you in on the email. Sorry for the delay - have been busy with internal workshops --Mackiwg 02:14, 22 July 2006 (CEST)

I like the ideas of a more user friendly UI for the inclusion of Mediawiki templates. I've started a wish list page on features that would make media wiki more suitable for educational content - see Feature wishlist - feel free to add to the list. Once we have thought through the issues of how this software can server the collaborative authoring of educational content - I'll have a stronger foundation for writing funding proposals.

Spent a little time looking more closely at Educommons - Have a look at this screen movie which gives a reasonable overview from the user's perspective - I understand that they support IMS/SCORM imports - but don't have an installation that I can test. Educommons is built on plone - so Matthew should take a look. There is a powerful synergy among Educommons, Mediawiki and eXe. Technically it should be too difficult to get these technologies talking with each other - just a question of funding. My thinking is:

  1. Mediawiki for collaborative dynamic authoring
  2. Educommons to "host" the static materials that have been quality assured through a peer review system - the academy is still not ready for socially generated quality.
  3. eXe for recontextualising and reconfiguring content from either Educommons or Wikieducator for delivery in the local LMS. --Mackiwg 06:30, 4 August 2006 (CEST)

Brent - this is very interesting & I'm quite exited about this potential. Erik pointed me to this site ( which provides a webservice printing from wiki pages. Have a look at the way users can compile a resource from different pages - perhaps a temporary way to deal with the callenges of creating a hierarchical resource (in eXe) from the networked structure of a wiki. We MUST chat about this - possibly develop a short usecase scenario to help convey the advantages of doing this & some of the technical implications.

CSS for pedagogical templates

Brent: I'm wanting to set up the pedagogical templates so that there will always be space above and below the template to avoid overlapping between two templates directly after each other. I've tried the "easy" way of using a line space
- but this leaves too much white space.

Any ideas - would the "position: relative; top: 6px" work within the div tag? --Mackiwg 02:15, 18 December 2006 (CET)

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