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objectives of a firm 15, August 2022


Objectives of a firm

Last name First Name Gender Institution Designation Username
Singh Dr. Savithri Female Acharya Narendra Dev College Principal User:Savi.odl Facilitator
Toteja Dr. Ravi Male Acharya Narendra Dev College Associate Professor - Zoology User:Rtoteja27 Facilitator
Misra Dr. Neeti Female Acharya Narendra Dev College Associate Professor - Chemistry User:Neeti m Facilitator
Dhopte Dr Sujata Female Malini Kishor Sanghvi College of Commerce & Economics Assistant Professor - Economics User:Dr Sujata Dhopte Participant
Mishra Sanghamitra Female SIWS College Assistant Professor user:Sanghamitra Participant
Aggie Dr. Menezes Male St. Xavier's College, Mumbai Associate Professor user:aggie menezes participant
V Jayasree. Female Sree Narayana Guru College Associate Professor-  Economics user:jayasreev Participant
Keshav GHORUDE Male A. V. College of Arts Associate Professor User:Kngvartak Participant
Shukla Dr. Smita Female University of Mumbai Associate Professor - Management User:smitashukla Participant
Mahadeshwar Rekha Female S.I.W.S. N.R. Swamy College Associate Professor user:Rekham Participant
Nandola Rajan J. Male Thakur College of Science and College Assistant Professor - Economics User:Rajan Nandola Participant
Ganapathy Saroja Female Ramnarain Ruia College Assistant Professor of English User:Saga30 Participant
Rajalakshmy Dr G Female L S Raheja College Associate Professor Economics User:Rajalakshmy Participant
Kasibhotla Venkateswarlu Male Associate Professor, Economics L S Raheja College User:Kvenkatesh Participant
Bhagwat Dr. Hemangi Female NSS College of Commerce Principal User:Hemangi Participant
Nakhare Kirti Female SIWS College Assistant Professor of English User:kirtiynakhare Participant
Malwade Varsha Female Ramnarain Ruia College Associate Professor, Economics User:Varsha Malwade Participant
Phadnis Dr.Sadhana Female ICLES M J College Associate Professor User:Sadhana Participant
Narayanaswamy Meenakshi Female G.N.Khalsa college Associate professor,Economics user:Meenakshi narayanaswamy Participant
Gala Asha Female S.I.E.S college Associate professor,Economics user:asha gala Participant
Gadgil Gayatri Female DG Ruparel College Assistant Professor- English User:CommSkills Participant
Deshmukh Mahadeo Male S K Somaiya College of ASC Assistant Professor User:Deshmukhms Participant
Vibhute Somnath Male St. Gonsalo Garcia College Vasai Assistant Professor User:somnath11 participants
Mathur Rajani Female S I E S College of Arts Science and Commerce Associate Professor User:Rajani Participants
Laghate Kavita Female Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies University of Mumbai Associate Professor user:kavita11 co-ordinator
SLMtitle.png Objectives of a firm

SLMinto.png Introduction

SLMobj.png Learning Objectives
After reading this chapter, you are expected to learn about: