Use of facilities

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Use of facilities

  1. Check with the Office Manager to see if facilities are free. This is paramount for H&S and organisational reasons.
  2. Make sure all requests and keys, if needed, are obtained in advance during school time.

Alarm System

  • If using facilities that are alarmed, unset the alarm and ring Code 9 IMMEDIATELY on arrival, giving name and the time you will be leaving. Reset alarm when you leave. If however you are staying less than an hour you do not need to ring Code 9.

Departure Time

  • If you extend the time you have notified the alarm company, phone Code 9 immediately with the new time. This is important to follow, as the patrol company (Sub 5) will automatically attend if you run over time without notifying Code 9.
  • If another staff member arrives and will be using the area after your stated departure time, that person must ring Code 9 immediately, giving their name and time of departure, and shall take over all responsibility of the alarm procedure.

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NB The procedures for the alarms also apply to staff coming in to do reports, prepare work, collect minibus keys etc. If these procedures are not followed this will result in Sub 5 (the patrol company) called out to investigate. The call-out fee of $50 will be charged to your department.

Alarm numbers and identification code are available from the Executive Officer.

Alarm instruction sheet available from the Executive Officer.

NB You may find it more convenient to call the alarm company from home stating your intentions to deactivate alarms.