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Mini buses help provide an extra dimension to the programmes at Papanui High School and the school appreciates the willingness of many staff to use the buses. No staff member should feel obliged however to drive a mini bus. That decision must be their own. They must be aware of the responsibility they bear if and when they do drive a mini bus.

When mini buses are used it is essential that the following procedures are carefully followed.

  1. Familiarisation. Mini buses are to be used only after you have consulted with the staff member in charge of mini buses.
  2. Booking. Use the sheets in the Staff workroom. Please do this well in advance. (First in is not guaranteed – rather, priority is given to the trip based on the greater distance/cost and ease of using taxi vans.) Any conflict in booking, please see the staff member in charge of vans. Be sure to alter/cancel your booking if your plans change.
  3. Keys. Collect keys from the Main Office. They must be returned immediately after use. If the office is closed put keys in main office door slot. Please do not forget.
  4. Garage Doors. Ensure garage doors are locked when you leave for your trip and after returning the vehicle to the garage.
  5. Fuel. Check before leaving. Be aware that THREE mini vans are now 91 and the other is diesel. Buy fuel only at Mobil Station opposite Loftus Street Papanui. PLEASE SIGN WHEN BUYING FUEL. Do not return mini buses without fuel.
  6. Safety belts. Safety belts must be used.
  7. Preparation. Be unhurried and relaxed in your driving. Ensure Students are settled before you move off.
  8. Bus record. Complete this record in the mini bus itself.
  9. On Skiing / Outdoor Education trips. When injury could occur to the driver, an alternative driver must be taken.
  10. Accidents.
    1. Give all the help you can to any students or others who may need it, and feel you have the authority to obtain any further help you may need.
    2. Do not admit any liability. Questions about why the accident occurred can be dealt with later.
    3. Report the accident as soon as possible to the Principal.
  11. Garaging Buses. Buses must be left cleaned and tidy. This is the responsibility of the teacher and the students on the current trip. Ensure garage is locked and return the key to the Main Office.
  12. Kimi ora have priority to their mini bus. Please be sure it is not required by them when you book/use that vehicle.
  13. Cost of van use. Students are to be charged for van use.


  1. The mini bus seats ten or eleven plus the driver and this is the maximum load.
  2. Because the driver is often both supervisor and driver, ensure that students understand that the highest standard of behaviour is required. If this is not forthcoming STOP THE MINI BUS until you are satisfied. Should this occur again RETURN TO SCHOOL and report the students to the Principal or Deputy Principal. Appropriate action will be discussed and consequences given.
  3. Students must not hang out windows or enter or leave the bus while it is in motion. Students must ask if they wish to open the windows.


  1. Please drive carefully and defensively at all times.
  2. Maximum speed is 90 kph. Restricted areas - 50 kph etc.
  3. Railway crossings:
    1. Take special care
    2. Where there is no signal / control max speed approaching crossing is 30 kph. STOP
  4. Maximum driving period without a break - 2 hours. Maximum driving in 24 hour period - 11 hours (with 10 hours of the 24 resting).
  5. Don’t overload - Maximum weight 1000 kg.
  6. No petrol in cans to be carried.
  7. No liquor to be carried. Liquor is not permitted for staff or Students at any time on school trips.
  8. Mini buses can only be taken beyond the toll gate at Mount Hutt following discussion and agreement with the Principal.
  9. Competent licensed students may drive a bus under staff supervision only in an emergency situation. eg if the staff driver is too tired or too ill to continue.
    (Trailer draw-gear is certified to tow 1.20 tonnes).
    For loads (including trailer) of 0.75 tonnes or if more a braked trailer is recommended. MAXIMUM SPEED WITH TRAILER 80 kph.