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The main staff area is upstairs in the administration block. It is out of bounds to students, except for a very few students who have to visit it briefly to carry out their duties. Staff should not arrange to meet students here, or send them on messages, except in an emergency.

A recreation and meeting room to the left of the landing gives access to the kitchen and also to a telephone. This room is used for staff meetings, intervals and lunch times. The white board is used as a reminder of the day’s events. Detention slips are ‘posted’ in the marked box below the white board in the Staffroom or directly with Cathrine in the main office.

Tea and coffee are available at all times, free of charge. The canteen sells scones and muffins at morning tea time and rolls and fruit at lunch time. Payment is in cash at the time. The Canteen can be accessed by staff as well as students. Use the door on the gym side of the canteen to buy your food – there is no need to queue.

The main staff notice board is situated on the landing. Minutes of staff briefing are posted here for any who are on duty and unable to attend. The Principal has a section of this board where important notices about professional matters are posted. Daily Relief is posted on this board. Work for classes being covered can be left on the table below this noticeboard. Other sections of the board are clearly marked. Staff are expected to be familiar with notices posted.

The door to the right of the landing leads to staff facilities like the toilets, pigeonholes, photocopiers, and the like.

The toilets are on the left as you enter through the glass panelled door. A unisex sick bay (opposite the pigeon holes) is available for all staff. The key is available from reception. A telephone kiosk is situated between the pigeon holes and the sick bay.

You will find supplies of Pass Books, Detention Books, and various forms that teachers need from time to time (eg EOTC notices, Relief and Professional Development request forms etc) under the pigeon-holes. You can also find files of BOT and other Minutes and Policies, various Regulations under the pigeon-holes. The Pigeon-holes - one for each member of staff, including support staff are found in the workroom. Since these are intended for mail and urgent messages, they should be cleared twice daily.

The photocopying room has two photocopiers for general staff use. It also has some bench space and two computers for staff use. Each department has its own office and work spaces as well.

The RAFA bookcase which is situated on the wall of the photocopying room, has a selection of up-to-date professional development reading from the staff library. Any staff member may borrow these but please fill in the sheets in the red clear file.

A magazine rack is also situated on this wall. It contains copies of EBS, Education Gazette, School Supplies product guide, Ministry of Education publications and so on. The hybrid chill-out-come-extra-meeting-space is found through the door of the photocopying room. It is important for staff to keep this area clear so all can enjoy either use.

Storage space for staff is available in the toilets where there are lockers. Showers are available, as well as normal toilet and washing facilities.

Notices for students: Daily notices are accessed through Kamar. Use the student notice board in the walk way if needed. (Kaye in the student office has the key.)

Notices for staff: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays begin with Staff Briefing at 8.30am. Papanews is also published each Friday morning. Notices to staff may be placed in Papanews by emailing or giving them to the Principal’s secretary by Thursday morning. Also use Kamar notices for individual or groups of staff.

The Library Information Centre facilities are of course available to staff, but it is necessary to be on the finger-printer. See the librarian about this. Ask, too, about the staff library - recent education books and journals are available. The staff library is larger than the RAFA bookcase in the photocopying room.


The Social Committee is a staff group which organises many of the social functions.

Raffles are held regularly to boost Social Club funds and to provide “extras” at the end of year party and/or luncheon. (“Extras” - prizes, free wine, etc) A number of social functions are arranged each year and it is always good when as many as possible come, so that staff can get to know one another in an informal way.

Team games are played from time to time against students, and ex-students. There are also some staff teams in local competitions - again ask, or organise a new team.

New members on the Social committee are always welcome - so are new ideas.


For those new to the Papanui area there is a huge range of shops and other services either "next door" at Northlands, opposite the school, in the Papanui shopping area a block away, or at the big Merivale or Bishopdale shopping centres, a kilometre or so in either direction from the Papanui roundabout. These include restaurants and takeaways by the dozen, cafe's, bars, taverns, banks, travel and insurance agencies, Income Support and NZ Employment services, Police, public library, Council Service Centre, video and other hire firms, postal services etc. There are several medical centres close by, also dentists and other health professionals as well as legal offices.