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Detentions given by teachers can be home detentions, department detentions or school detentions.

Home detentions:
These are detentions given in class or form class. They are 'owned' by both giver and recipient. This type of detention could be issued for things such as:

  • Not doing homework
  • Not bringing equipment
  • Not bringing a note for absence etc
(but not as a buffer before referral!)
Non-compliance needs to be followed up eg kept after school and given a department detention. Non-compliance with the above action is defiance and a school detention.

Home detention forms are in the rack on the wall outside the staff room door.

Department detentions:
These are held at lunch time or after school depending on the department’s policy. They are held by departments when work has not been completed either in class or for homework. School detentions: These are issued for breach of school rules (out of class situations) eg:

  • Smoking
  • Out of bounds
  • Out of class defiance
  • Failure to complete teacher imposition or punishment
  • Non uniform infringements

These are NOT issued for in class misdemeanours.


  • School detentions are held at lunch time in P4. Detention books are available in the staff work room.
  • Staff complete both sections of the detention slip
  • Give student their part of the detention slip
  • Put advice slip in staffroom box by the end of same day
  • The detention list for each day will be available from the office
  • Deans/HOLs will monitor detentions for non attendance and build up of detentions by students.
  • Senior manager in charge of detentions will ensure lists, supervision and follow up procedures are completed.

See flow chart