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Code of behaviour

All members of our school community are expected to show common sense, courtesy, co-operation and consideration. These bring credit to us as individuals, our families and Papanui High School. Our rules are to help maintain our high standards of behaviour.

Everyone has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect. Therefore

  • in the class room the MSB rules apply
  • around the school the following are not acceptable:
  • offensive language (swearing, name calling, put downs, sexist/racist/ageist remarks)
  • offensive behaviour (gesturing, spitting, fighting, bullying, threatening, inappropriate social behaviour, possession of or threatening to use offensive weapons).
  • no cellphones or ipods will be seen or used in class

BE AT SCHOOL Regular attendance is essential for learning and the development of routines. Therefore

  • Students will be present for the whole day unless they are ill, bereaved or have special permission form their Dean, Head of Level or the Principal to be absent.

If a student has been away, parents should phone the school the morning the student is away, a note signed by the parent or caregiver must be brought to school on the day of return, stating the dates and reasons for absence. This should be brought to the Student Office. Unexplained absences will be followed up the Attendance Bursar.

Should Year 12 and 13 students attend less than 80% of the time, processes will be put in place to explore alternative options for them out of school.

When finally leaving Papanui High School, students will present a note from a parent or caregiver to a Guidance Counsellor before commencing leaving procedures.

Punctuality is a life skill that is encouraged at Papanui High School. Junior students are held in for 15 minutes after school if they are late for class and lateness is counted as absence for Year 12 and 13 students (which counts against their 80% attendance regulations).


  • students remain in the grounds during the school day unless they have written permission to leave or hold seniors' privileges.
  • out-of-bounds areas include: cycle stands, parking areas, locker bays, specialist rooms and other specifically designated areas unless permission has been given to go there.

We all have a right to expect our property to be safe at school. Therefore

  • all clothing and personal property will be named.
  • valuable items like walkmans and transistor radios must not be brought to school.
  • large sums of money must be left at home or handed in at the main office for safekeeping.
  • bicycles must be securely locked.
  • Property that does not belong to you must not be touched without permission.

We all have the right to live in pleasant surroundings so we make every effort to keep the school a pleasant attractive place for all of us. Therefore

  • we take care of our grounds, buildings, furnishings and gardens.
  • we all put our rubbish in the bins provided.

Breakages of school property must be reported to the Executive Officer immediately.

The school has a number of security cameras around the school to protect people and property. Students’ privacy is protected and strict guidelines are adhered to.

The school regards a high standard of personal grooming as essential. The wearing of the correct uniform is a Board of Trustees’ requirement. Therefore

  • students will dress according to the rules, unless a temporary exemption has been granted.

The school is concerned about the safety of Students on their way to and from school. Therefore

  • students obey traffic regulations.
  • bicycles will be left in the stands provided.
  • cycle helmets will be worn to and from school.
  • permission must be obtained from the Deputy Principal to bring any motorised vehicle to school.
  • passengers may be carried only with permission of the parent/caregiver of the driver and the passenger(s).

BE DRUG FREE Cigarettes, alcohol, solvents and drugs (except those prescribed for your personal use) are dangerous. They are prohibited on the school grounds or at any time when a student can be identified as a member of the school. Being part of a group using these substances means a student will be treated as an offender.

CELL PHONES AND ELECTRONIC SOUND SYSTEMS These should not be used in class. If they are seen or heard then teachers have the right to take them from you. The general rule for confiscated cell phones, ipods and the like is: First time ⇒ to be picked up from Mrs Welsh at the end of the day Second time ⇒ somebody from home must come into school and pick it up from Mrs Welsh Third time ⇒ the confiscated equipment is put into the school safe for three weeks


The “Code of Conduct” expresses the main ideas about the standards we expect.

However, some things were deliberately expressed in general terms and the following points need stressing to students.

Remember: common sense, good manners, courtesy and co-operation are the keys!


  • School equipment and classroom materials should be left alone unless staff are directing their use.
  • Fire equipment, fire doors and fire windows must be used only in the emergencies they are provided for.
  • Damage must be reported to staff immediately and referred to the Executive Officer when repairs are required.
  • School property, including desks and books, must be respected and not defaced.
  • In corridors Students should keep left, and walk (not run) in single line with noise at a minimum. Line up in a single line on the left, to keep access-way open.

SMOKING AND DRINKING Students while at school, or in school uniform, or at any time when they are identifiable as members of the school, may not smoke or consume alcoholic liquor. It is against the law to smoke on school property.


  • Students wishing to purchase lunch must obtain it from the Canteen. Permission will NOT be given to leave the grounds for this purpose.
  • Chewing gum is prohibited on school property.
  • Eating inside is allowed only on wet days. Eating in locker bays and corridors is not allowed.
  • People who drop food must pick it up. Throwing of food is obviously unacceptable behaviour.
  • Detentions will be given to students who break these rules.


  • Students should be at classes on time or have a note explaining lateness.
  • Students may leave the school grounds during the day only with prior approval from the Student Office. Students going home for lunch must have a permit. Students should not visit the Papanui, Northlands or other shopping areas unless they have written permission and have signed out with the Student office. (This will NOT be given to buy lunch except in very exceptional circumstances).
  • Students must always sign in with the office on their return to school.


  • Correct uniform will be worn at all times at school and while travelling to and from school.
  • Articles of uniform should be named.
  • Students who need to wear some non-uniform article must bring a note at the beginning of the day to the teacher on duty in the main foyer, seeking approval for the exemption. Approval will be given where essential, for a limited period only, and a pass issued.
  • Badges and insignia may be worn if they are connected with school activity.
  • Hair should be clean, neat, and of reasonable length. Extreme styling must be avoided. Students’ hair should not protrude over the face. Moustaches and beards are not permitted.
  • Obvious makeup is not appropriate at school.


  • The Rode Code is to be strictly observed at all times.
  • Motor Vehicles must have current WOF’s and cycles must be safe (complying with Traffic Department Standards.)
  • Drivers must have appropriate licences and produce them on request.
  • Cycle and vehicle areas are out of bounds to students .
  • Students using motor vehicles do so only with the Deputy Principal’s permission and the completion of permission forms by parents.
  • Passengers are carried only when the school has written consent from parents of the driver and the passengers.
  • For safety reasons, cyclists leaving the school should dismount before crossing footpaths.
  • Northlands is not a thoroughfare.


  • Locker bays are out of bounds during class times.
  • Classroom blocks and corridors are out of bounds during fine weather until ten minutes before school begins.
 During wet or cold weather lunch hours, designated areas will be open for students. 
  • Rooms, particularly specialist rooms, are to be entered only when staff arrive unless specific approval has been given.
  • The front of the school from south of the Administration block driveway is out of bounds for all students except Year 13 and Kimi Ora students unless students are under staff supervision or arriving at or leaving school.