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  1. All teachers are expected to do some student supervision outside teaching time.
    1. Full time staff – duty is 2 slots per week
    2. Part time staff – duty is 1 slot per week.
  2. Duty should be a supportive, pro-active and positive exercise.
  3. Teachers will be given the opportunity to indicate their preferred duties and times.
  4. In the interests of fairness to all, some adjustments will be necessary. These are the responsibility of the teacher in charge of duty.
  5. Allocated duty times must be adhered to for the year; however, teachers who know in advance they will be absent on a duty day or have some other problems, should endeavour to make an appropriate swap. If a swap cannot be arranged inform the in charge of duty
  6. "On duty" means out and about the grounds and/or buildings.
  7. Wet venue arrangements: the Johns Wing, Hall and old gym are the primary options for lunch rooms.
  8. Classrooms are NOT to be used unless a staff member is present.


  1. The safety of students.
  2. Supervision of student behaviour in accordance with school rules for that time in that place. Remember toilet areas.
  3. The tidiness of the designated area: specifically, the direction of students to pick up rubbish.
  4. The hand over of duty. To avoid problems, teachers on duty must ensure that the person taking over from them does in fact do so. Inform the senior staff member on duty of any on-going concerns about this.
  5. Deal initially with accidents and emergencies.

‘North’ allocated duty staff actively patrol the Johns wing.
South allocated duty staff actively patrol the Major Wing and Hall.