Content Map for Module 1 of MHRM OER

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Framework and Content for Masters Degree Programme in HRM
Module 1 :
Principles of Management


What is management?

Definition of Management
Process of Management
Nature of Management
Primary Functions of Management
Levels of Management
Key points & Activity

Management Theories

Sections :
The Classical Management School
The Behavioral Management School
The Human Resources Management School
The Management Science School
Key Points & Activity


Purpose of Planning
Steps of Planning
Key Points & Activity

Policy Development

What is a Policy?
Types of policies
Process of Policy Making
Implementation of the Policy
Key points & Activity

What is organization?

Organization Theories
Informal Organization
Key points & Activity

Designing the organization

Steps in organizational designing
Key points & Activity

Organization Structure

Organization Chart
Key points & Activity

Delegation of Authority

Sections :
Steps for effective Delegation of Authority
Key points & Activity

Relations with in the Organization

Sections :
Line authority relationship
Line and staff authority relationships
Line and staff conflicts
Key points & Activity

Organizational Culture

Sections :
External environment and organizational culture
Other factors that influence organizational culture
Key points & Activity

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