OER for a Post Graduate Programme in HRM

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Module 1 :
Principles of Management

Module Content Map

Topic 9 : Relations with in the Organization

Line authority relation | Line and staff relations | Line and Staff conflict | Key points & Activity

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Line - staff conflicts

It is also important to keep the relationship between line and staff healthy all the time. There is always a chance for disharmony since line and staff personnel have different backgrounds. Some of the most common reasons for line-staff conflict are given below:

The line managers may think that staff personnel are not accountable for their actions as they have no direct responsibility in core functions of the organizations. The line positions may not give due consideration to the advice of the staff personnel thinking that they have no experience in operational activities and hence their recommendations and ideas may lack applicability.

At this, staff managers may feel that line managers do not make the right use of talents of the staff personnel and are not open to new ideas. Since staff personnel lack authority, they may not be able to implement their solutions for problems. This creates and embarrassing situation for the staff personnel.