OER for a Post Graduate Programme in HRM

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Module 1 :
Principles of Management

Module Content Map

Topic 2 : Management Theories

The Classical Management School | The Behavioral Management School | The Human Resources Management School | The Management Science School | Key Points and Activity

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Key points
  • Management is often described as "oldest of the arts and youngest of sciences".
  • Industrial revolution had sown the seeds of modern management.
  • Disagreement exists as to the exact number of management schools.
  • The Classical Management School, The Behavioral Management School, The Human Resources Management School and The Management Science School are the four major schools of management thoughts.

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  • Try to find out other schools of management in management literature and enlist them with brief note on them.
  • Find out at least two other (excluding the persons mentioned in the content above) prominent advocates of each of the four Schools of management theories and write short paragraphs on their contributions.

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