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About Me

Tena Koe - Greetings and Welcome. In brief, I am a proud granddaughter of the paramount Maori chief of Ngatiawa, hail from a small country suburb nicknamed ‘Edikum’ New Zealand and live comfortably in a two storey Lockwood home with hubby who is a Painter Decorator and our pigeon pair of young adults. We collectively keep two feline friends one called Shakes and the other Sam, (now he must have been Garfield’s brother in a former life).

While hubby enjoys early morning fishing retreats on his kayak, the odd game of golf and male bonding at the local club, I prefer to watch trashy movies, shop, surf, read and eat chocolate – not all at the same time mind you! I also love gardening, listening to music, partake in mediumship and attend a weekly meditation group.

I am a very precise person and I attribute this understanding to the work of NZ author, Allison Mooney and her book, "Pressing the Right Buttons". Five word groups as strengths that best describe the precise personality are tidy, on time, persistent, loves the Arts and energised by their inner world ie: intuition. Now that sure is me to a T ! My ‘not so great’ traits (yes, we all have them) are that I can be too critical, pedantic and unforgiving.

Professional Background

I am employed in a 2.5 position as the Facilitator of e-Learning for PeaK-ICT[[1]] I work Mondays and Tuesdays as an RTeL or Resource Teacher of e-Learning at Putauaki Primary then Wednesdays and Thursdays for the cluster. Half days on Fridays are spent attending to cluster paperwork and e-office duties.

If you would like to learn more about me, take a few moments to visit my professional wiki or personal blog I can also be contacted by e-mail Nga mihi nui ki a koutou.

Professional Skills and Attributes

  • Facilitator of e-Learning
  • Competent classroom practitioner
  • Highly organised visionary leader
  • Role model of quality work and high expectations
  • Creative and supportive team player
  • Able speaker and supporter of Te Reo me ona tikanga
  • Proven expertise in ICT
  • Passionate leader of both Enviro Ed and E.O.T.C
  • Experience in staff appraisals
  • Ability to articulate and deliver upon a vision of integrated thinking and learning

Wish List

Someday....I'd like to check out and experience the many spa retreats all over the world..... indulge in French cruisine..... and maybe even write a book!

7 Things You Didn't Know about Me

1. My day begins with a brisk 20 minute walk chanting affirmations to the max, a glass of soyaccino and two bee pollen tablets.

2. The view from my bedroom slider encapsulates a pink climbing rose, two treetops and patches of blue sky.

3. Serving others is my purpose in life.

4. I buy a new lunchbox for myself and also a dear colleague every year.

5. My dreamscape (a collage of my hopes, dreams and inspirations) features at the top of this blog, as my avatar, on my desktop, cellphone and business cards so that I see it every day.

6. I keep a gratitude book where I constantly record what I am truly grateful for.

7. When I die I would like to spend the ‘eleventh hour’ (with family beside me) in my garden, hear the chirping of birds and feel the sun on my face.


Latest Ventures

Students of the e-Learners Team are working with me and ICT to improve their technical skills, social/global communications and develop whakawhanaungatanga with their peers, teachers, parents and wider communities of practice. They have recently created g-mail accounts, are setting up wiki pages, analysing student wikis to create rubrics and are integrating the use of tools like digital cameras, voice and video recorders into ICT practice. They also have e-pals, skype often with Berwick Primary in Australia and are keen to set up e-portfolios.

“Students are driving the way our e-Learning Team operates. Although we only spend 1.25 days together and they have certain tasks that we collectively agree can be completed in or out of class, students are excited about being in charge and responsible for their own thinking and learning journeys. They also know I can be contacted for help or just a ‘keeping on track chat’ anytime by way of e-mail, g-chat and/or sending a cell phone text. It’s such a buzz” – Jeanette Murphy, Facilitator.

Reflection and Review

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours


Hello and welcome to eL4C29, a free online Learning4Content wiki skills workshop.

Enjoy the workshop.
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You may wish to check the schedule and layout of the workshop and introduce yourself.

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  5. You may even start with Day 1 activities.
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