First OERNZ train-the-trainers workshop

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  • Venue: Christ's College, Christchurch (Meet outside main reception)
  • Date: 10 December 2009
  • Time: 9am start (assuming flights arrive on time :-))
  • Attendees: Final list of attendees


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The objectives of this workshop are to:
  • Review a number of intermediate features of the Mediawiki software to assist trainers in their role of building capacity and fostering the development of reusable and portable content for the New Zealand curriculum
  • Review resources available to support OERNZ
  • Calibrate training targets for building capacity among Kiwi teachers to participate in OERNZ
  • Discuss strategies for building New Zealand's OER commons
  • Develop a framework agenda and supporting resources needed for the wiki taster sessions.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Reflections on what we would like to achieve today
  3. Exploring the power and potential of templates (Project node pages, structured content, templates, OER Metadata etc.)
  4. OERNZ resources
    • Preloaded lesson plan templates
    • Free school portal page
  5. Calibrating targets:
    • How many online training workshops can we run?
    • How many wiki taster sessions can we schedule?
    • How do we recruit participants?
  6. Planning the wiki taster sessions
    • What is the recommended duration / time for a wiki taster session?
    • What should the taster session cover?
    • What resources / training materials do facilitators need?
  7. Other items?