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Introduction to Economic Theory

Demand Analysis and Elasticity of Demand

Indifference Curve Analysis

Introduction to Economics and Microeconomic Theory

Concepts of Equilibrium

Basic Tools of Economic Analysis

Introduction to Demand Theory

Elasticity of Demand

Income Elasticity Of Demand

Cross Elasticity Of Demand

Promotional Elasticity of Demand

Indifference Curve Analysis

Consumer's Equilibrium under Indifference Curve Analysis

Price Effect under Indifferance curve Analysis Income Effect under Indifferance Curve Analysis

Substitution Effect Under Indifferance Curve Analysis

Break Up of Price Effect into Income and Substitution Effect - Tool Indifferance Curve Analysis

Derivation of Demand Curve Using Indifferance Curve Analysis

Understanding Giffen's Paradox Using Indifferance Curve Analysis

Limitations of Indifference Curve Analysis

Revealed Preference Theory

Introduction to Production Theory

Introduction to Cost Theory

Introduction to Revenue Analysis

Production Function

Law of Variable Proportions

Iso-Quant & Iso-Cost Line

Returns to Scale

Introduction to Cost Concepts

Short run cost theory

Economies of Scale & Economies of Scope

Learning Curve Effect

Revenue Concepts

Revenue under Perfect and Imperfect Competition

AR, MR and Elasticity of Demand

Objectives of a Firm

Equilibrium of a Firm

Break-Even Analysis

Introduction to Market Theory

Pricing Methods & Capital Budgeting

Perfect competition


Monopoly & Price Discrimination

Monopolistic Competition


Pricing Methods

Capital Budgeting