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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Main Module
ePortfolios and the learning process
Overview / Introduction - Main Module
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Session 5 | Session 6 | Session 7 | Session 8 | Session 9


Session 6: presenting your ePortfolio [30 minutes]

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after this session the participant will:


  • Name the characteristics of developmental and presentational e-portfolio
  • Analyze the demands of specific presentational situation (who and why will be evaluating the e-portfolio)
  • create an action plan that will enable them to compile a presentational ePortfolio for use in their end of Module presentation

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  • list of the demands of presentational situation
  • list of demands for the end of module presentation
  • action plan

Activity -> input

  • discussion on various factors inflencing creation of presentational e-portfolio -> understanding the demands of specific situation
  • analyzing the end of module presentation -> understanding the demands of EoM presentation
  • creating a personal action plan -> putting theory into practice

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Session 6 - Activity 1 :Introduction to the end of Module presentation [30 minutes]

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Session 6 - Activity 2 : planning for the end of Module presentation [30 minutes]
  • Presentation: The Action Planning Process
  • Practical Workshop: Action Planning - building the ePortfolio during the Sub Modules (Action Plan needed for Session ?? - activity 2