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The tutorials take the form of Open Learning materials and activities that can support face to face, blended learning or on-line delivery. Although the tutorials concentrate on the learning and development processes and not on specific tools, some of the activities will require participants to have access to ePortfolio tools. Links to a set of open source ePortfolio tools that you can use will be included.

Target Groups

  • Teachers and Vocational Counselors working with 14-16 year old students.
  • Teacher Trainers, who are responsible for the training of either in-service or student-teachers.
  • The indirect target-group will be 14-16 year old secondary school students, preparing for the next phase of their education or training.

Structure of the Tutorials

The MOSEP Tutorials consists of a Foundation Module and four other Modules, each of which cover one aspect of the ePortfolio process. The Modules are sub-divided into a number of Sessions.

The modules follow a logical sequence and although it is recommended that you work through them in the intended order, it is possible to 'pick and mix' modules or sessions depending upon your experince or needs.

Delivery of the MOSEP tutorials

The course will be maintained by MOSEP for the life of the project, after which an interest group will be established to act as content validators.

The course will employ a variety of methods including:

  • ICT based activities
  • Presentations and video podcasts
  • Group work, discussions and peer review for face to face delivery
  • Online collaboration and networking for individual study

Open Source

The tutorials will signpost open source tools wherever possible, but will not disadvantage participants or institutions that use propriety tools.