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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Main Module
ePortfolios and the learning process
Overview / Introduction - Main Module
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Session 2: ePortfolio Content and Authoring Options

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after this session the participant will:

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Session 3 - Activity 1 : Thinking about ePortfolio content [15 minutes]

The evidence or digital artefacts that the learner chooses to store in their ePortfolio will depend upon their purpose for maintating it and how they need or want to use it in any interview or presentational situation.

The learner will need to think very carefully and:

  • identify what they need to learn
  • review evidence that they have already stored
  • identify the evidence that they need to demostrate their competenceor learning
  • think about when they might be able to collect the evidence that they need
  • think about how, and what would be the most appropriate methods that they would need to use to capture and record the required evidence

The learner must then design an action plan that details what it is that they will need to do or organise that will provide them with the evidence generating opportunities that they need. The plan will also identify how and when they are going to capture the evidence.

The key stage in this part of the process is for the learner to Know what it is that they need to 'learn', before they can think about evidence that they need to show that they have learnt something or can do something.

This is also the first, and most important stage in the assessment for learning process.

Task: Discuss or Think about a group of your learners and a specific Unit or Module that they work on.

  • How do you make sure that they are clear about what it is that they need to learn?
  • Do they currently think about the evidence that they need to collect to enable them to demonstrate their competence or that they have satisfied the assessment criteria?

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Session 2 - Activity 2 : ePortfolio authoring Software [15 minutes]

Task: Think about or Discuss: the features that ePortfolio authoring Software must have. Remeber to consider:

  • the type and ammount of evidence that would need to be stored
  • how the evidence should be:
    • stored
    • accessed
    • presented

Feedback or Record: the requirements of the authoring software

Task: Think about or Discuss: identify possible to compile an ePortfolio by using generic software that you are already familar with.

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Session 2 - Activity 3 : ePortfolio Authoring Options [30 minutes]

Task: explore some of the following Proprietary ePortfolio Authoring packages:

  • Pebble Pad
  • Nuventive (iWebfolio)
  • Winvision
  • Factline
  • CareerLocker (Online demo:[1])
  • Folio Live by McGraw-Hill (Online demo: [2])
  • Foliotek (online demo: [3])
  • etc ( ASK vendors for 5 minute Video demo Podcasts??)

Task: explore some of the following Open Source ePortfolio Authoring packages:

  • ELGG (Video Podcast)
  • OSP ([4])
    • Product presentation video([5]) (Note: This video is very generic and may be used for other purpose).
    • Use case video([6])
  • ePet ([7]) (possibility to try an online demo)
  • LUSID ([8]) (possibility to try an online demo but CVS not updated since more than one year...)
  • SCAM ([9], CVS not updated since more than one year)

Task: Think about or Discuss the appearance, navigation and features of each of the packages

  • produce a Strengths and Weaknessess analysis for each of the packages

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Session 2 - Activity 4 :Online vs Local Hosting [15 minutes]


Task: Think about or Discuss: what are the relative advantages and disadvantages for a learner of storing their ePortfolio on a Web-server or an a Local Server.

  • online
    • available anywhere - able to work at home etc
    • security and safety issues
    • able to set access controls for others to see certain sections
    • currently - limits on storage, communcations capacity - problems with multimedia evidence
  • Locally Hosted
    • fewer security/safety issues
    • easier to store and work with multimedia evidence
    • unable to work on away from school/college network

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Session 2 - Activity 5 : ePortfolios and social software tools [30 minutes]

Task: Watch the following Podcasts:


Task: Think about or Discuss:

  • what part can they play in the ePortfolio process?
  • can they perform the functions required of an ePortfolio?
  • which ePortfolio processes/stages can they support?

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Session 2 - Activity 6 - Online Safety [30 minutes]

Sharing learning


  • Introduction to Elgg features on sharing
  • What do you share in your learning and what do you not share. How do you decide what to share and how do you choose who you share it with. Group discussion

Internet safety issues

  • Video form Kidsafe (something like that - contact Josie for materials. Group discussion on issues raised.
  • Teacher trade union statement re cyber bullying. Write an entry in your ePortfolio on how you feel about this? Who do you want to share this entry with and why?