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There are many different approaches towards definition of e-portfolio. For the framework of this course we define it as "a purposeful collection of digital artifacts that evidences student achievement and developments over time"

However, more elaborate and descriptive definitions are also aviliable:

  • web based information management system that uses electronic media and services. The learner builds and maintains a digital repository of artifacts which can be used to demonstrate competence and reflect on the learning (Trent Baston) [1]
  • digitized collection of artifacts including demonstrations, resources and accomplishments that represent an individual, a group or institution. This collection can be comprised of text- based, graphic or multimedia elements archived on a web site or other electronic media, such as CDROM or DVD. I t cas also serve as administrative tool to manage and organise work created with different applications and to control who can see the work. E-portfolio encourage personal reflection and often involve the exchange of ideas and feedback (Lorenzo G, Ittelson J., An overview of e-Portfolios, Educause July 2005)


  • A webfolio is defined as an "(e)-portfolio stored on the Internet and accessed any time, anywhere. High-enhanced communication involving multimedia message; enriching the content through additional resources"

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