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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Main Module
ePortfolios and the learning process
Overview / Introduction - Main Module
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Session 8: ePortfolios supporting Assessment

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after this session the participant will:

  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of the difference between formative assessment and summative assessment
  • distinguish between assessment for learning and assessment of learning and consider the implications of each form of assessment

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  • Presentation: The Potential of the ePortfolio to support assessment for learning, and of learning

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Session 8 - Activity 1 :evidencing learning
  • discuss how ePortfolio assessment might be integrated into the general assessment concept of your institution
  • list advantages of formative and summative ePortfolio assessment
  • give a practical example of your work experience how you would integrate each of the two types of ePortfolios into your subject specific assessment system

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Session 8 - Activity 2 :