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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Main Module
ePortfolios and the learning process
Overview / Introduction - Main Module
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Session 7: Integrating e-Portfolios into the curriculum

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after this session the participant will:

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  • ideas on how to use e-portfolio in one's personal practice
  • suggestions on how to integrate e-portfolio into participant's institution's curriculum
  • list of barriers preventing implementaion of e-portfolio and strategies to overcome those barriers


  • work in pairs on designing an action plan for your personal teaching practice ->
  • work in pairs on designing an action plan for specific institutiion ->
  • extract more general barriers and strategies of implementing e-portfolios through common discussion ->

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Session 7 - Activity 1 : using ePortfolios in my teaching
  • Work in pairs. Take one lesson or course that you teach and consider how you could use e-Portfolios in that lesson or course.
  • Write this up in your ePortfolio.

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Session 7 - Activity 2 : the barriers and challenges
  • continue work in pairs. Think on what would need to be done on the institutional level for your personal ideas to be implemented. What barriers need to be overcome? How can they be overcome?
  • discuss your ideas with other participants. Write down most important things to keep in mind when implmeneting e-portfolio into curriculum.

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Session 7 - Activity 3 :Licenses, legal bits and copyright- Activity 1 :

28. Licenses and copyright. Show creative commons video.

this would be better suited for another (new?) session