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Group photo of the Tonga workshop for teachers
Nineteen educators, representing the primary and secondary education levels, gathered in Tongatapu for the first Tongan Learning4Content workshop - 11 August to 13 August 2008. The workshop was hosted in a computer laboratory provided by the Ministry of Education's Institute for Higher Education.

At the onset of our Tongan workshop, none of the participants had previously published to a web site. Shortly after morning tea on the first day, every participant had successfully published content on the World Wide Web -- giving an international voice to the Pacific Islands! What's more important is the fact that Tongan content is now being published as Open Education Resources with the support of the WikiEducator family

Confirmed participants

Tupa Ofa Tevita M CDU Numbers: Form 2 Teacher Guide
Taulava Kakatisi F Primary Division The First Coconut Tree in Tonga
Pahulu Teresa F CDU Approach to Outcome-based Education in Tonga
Fisiliu Mele Tavite F Primary Division, Main Office How to make a Tongan Tapa
`Ealelei Sisilia F CDU Tongan Proverbs
Fangaloka Niutoni M CDU
Pulini Siale M CDU First rugby game in Tonga
Fifita Tolia He Kolosi F CDU The importance of Traditional Tongan Culture
Fangaloka Tepola F GPS Nuku'alofa A Tongan Wedding
Kakala Mele F GPS Nuku'alofa
Finau Monika F CDU Tongan Medicine
Haungatau Setaita F CDU The significance of Tongan dances
Pele Ului M Tonga Side School Pacific Islands Educational Resources For Teaching Science
Ulakai Petina F Tonga Side School The evolution of Tongan Crafts
Kuluka Rose F Tonga Side School Tongan House: Advantages and Disadvantages
Taufa Meliame F Exams Unit Using Tongan culture in the classroom
Kakapu Uinimila F Exams Unit
Finau Lemoti M Exams Unit The poem of Kava
Aleamotua Mele Simiki F CDU Tongan Traditional way of dating a girl

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