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To fully understand the Tongan Proverbs you must familiar with how the Tongan grew up in the early ages. Now a days, people tend to use the english language and tonganised it. This young generation cope with that in their lives by everydays using it in their homes. Thats the problem of not using the correct language at home or at work or in the school. They adapt to that in using it everyday or forever in their lives. Tongan Proverbs are carried from generation to generation with pure Tongan language used and the named used from ancient tools or events that happen long time ago. It is a mingle of events and natures of ancient god and mostly has to do with the attitudes of the Tongan people living together as a Tongan Family.

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After studying this Tongan Proverbs you should:
  • Understand how Tongan people lived
  • Know their responsibility to their king and people of very high rank
  • understand the connection of family ties
  • know the attitudes of people

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Key points
Tongan Proverbs are divided into sections:
  • How people lived in early ages.
  • Their loyalty to their superior.
  • Their roles in the community and their families.
  • attitudes of people

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Number 1: