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Contact-new.svg Mele Tupou Tavite Fisiliu
Employer:Ministry of Education (MEWAC)
Occupation:Assistant Senior Area Organiser (Education Officer)
Other roles:In charge of the Western District (Teachers and Children in the Government Schools)
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My Profile

I am from the Kingdom of Tonga from the village of Houma in the main island of Tongatapu. I am married with four children,that is, three boys and only one daughter. I was a Primary School Teacher for 23years. Then I was called to the office and became an Education Officer since 2001. Now I am an Assistant Senior Area Organiser for the Western District of the main island of Tongatapu. I spent four years in the outer island of 'Eua which was very interesting to move out from the main island.

My Interests

I enjoyed working in the classroom with the children especially with the Class 6 students. Also helping the teachers with anything in the subjects taught in the primary level. On my own time, that is, after working hours I would like to join the choir practise, working with Sunday School students.Then the rest of my time to spent with my family and also other family obligations.

My Content Contribution

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