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Contact-new.svg Tepola Fangaloka
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My Profile

Tongan greetings "Malo e lelei" to everyone ,

Just to share with U about who I am. Well as You have all known I'm from Tonga the most beautiful island in the Pacific. I'm 34 about to be 35 in a month, still single and I'm working as a teacher for Primary School for about 13 years now. Of all these years I've been teaching in 3 schools teaching mainly in upper classes class 3 to class 6. Here in Tonga teaching in primary level you have to teach every subject areas. I'm now teaching in class 6 and in this level, students are to sit an exam to enter the Secondary schools so its a very hard job and I've been in Class 6 for about 7 years now. I just also want to share this with everyone out there, in all my life I just wanted to be with my MUM cos she's the one special in my life since I'm the one who's staying with her and hopefully in the future till she's taken away to the happy world. I'm glad to join this worldwide internet programme as this will enable me with some skills with my carrier as a teacher.

My interests

Well I'm enjoying for who I am right now. I'm interesting in netball since that's the talent I was best at when I was at Secondary schools. I'm also interesting in working with youth especially in my church and maybe because I'm dealing with kids most of my time.

My Content Contribution

The title of my Content Contribution is A Tongan Wedding. Its always good to learn from other cultures and especially the Pacific Islands. So from this content I'm sure that we need to share the similarities and differences of our cultures and how it is related to each other especially Polynesian Islands.

A Tongan Wedding