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Contact-new.svg Setaita Haungatau
Employer:Curriculum Development Unit
Occupation:Primary Science Writer
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My Profile

I had been teaching at the Government Primary School for the last 15 years.I was also a Primary Head Teacher for at least four years. This year I am working at the Curriculum Development Unit as a Primary Science Writer.

I am married with three sons and a Daughter. My husband is one of the Deputy Principal for Primary Schools.I am very proud to mention my two granddaughters and a grandson. My youngest were twin sons aged twenty and still at school.

My Interests

  1. As a Science Writer I am interested in our work as reviewing the Science Syllabus and honestly I am enjoying my new job.
  2. I am also interested in meeting people as well as friends and have friendly talks.
  3. I enjoy playing with kids especially my granddaughters and grandson.

My Content contribution