The evolution of Tongan Crafts

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This is designed to help educate children on the Traditional Crafts of Tonga while they use their imagination and get creative, using Modern Materials in place of traditional ones that are now hard to find.

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Children should
  • Develop an appreciation of their own culture
  • Develop their creativity level
  • Learn to use appropriate measurements if required


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Kiekie (clothing) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The characteristic of a kiekie is that it is between a mat and a grass skirt (manafau): it is a string skirt attached to a waistband. It is supposed to be somewhat transparent, showing the skirt or tupenu worn under it. The strings can be short as a mini skirt, or down to the ankles, but down to somewhat above the knees is most common.

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1.Discuss with the children
  • the types of kiekie they know of
  • what traditional materials can be used for making a kiekie
  • list those materials on the board

2.What are the difference beween these two kiekies

Kiekie fau.jpg
Kiekie palangi.jpg

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Activity 1: Pair Activity - Compare and Contrast the two kiekies above. Focus on

  • designs
  • colour
  • materials they're made off
  • length

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