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"The problem of aesthetics should now be one of education. The media is increasingly read-write and participative. Community media will no doubt change as more people become fluent in media making." - Dr Ellie Rennie, Community Media: A Global Introduction

The Waiheke Island Podcasting Project will assist individuals in the production of audio content that is by, for, and about Waiheke and the people who live there. This content will be made available online as podcasts and may also be broadcast on Waiheke Radio.

The Waiheke Island Podcasting Project will:

The first set of hands-on workshops were held from March 4th - April 1st at the Waiheke Adult Education Centre.

The project has a website that can be found here:


Course Outline

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


General Podcasting


Recording and Microphone Use

Free Music and Sound clips

Listening and Subscribing to Podcasts

Hosting podcasts

Specific Examples

Trouble Shooting - Resources relating to question or issues that come up during the course

Create a book