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CIS 2 - Fall 2013

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Workspace for Final Project collaboration and publication. Includes link lists for each group member and the final group recommendations for each topic, along with descriptions as outlined in the assignment.

Best resources - Group A

Topic 1 - Introductions


A) This is an interesting and very important article about computers and how they would damage or brains or not. It is good to know the bad side effects of using computers all the time. Being on a computer for a long time have side effects on our body especially the eyes. It can also make our brain cells tired and might get damaged as well.

B) This was an informative video on how fast we are constantly changing. With a class based on computers in society, we can only hope that the knowledge we learn isn't being outdated eventually.

Topic 2 - Privacy and Freedom of Speech

A) We agreed on this media source because of how important privacy and freedom of speech is meant for each individual. Regardless if privacy is being violated in your cyber life your real life is also equally affected. To see the government ignoring the Constitution's Bill of Rights to benefit itself is downright shameful.

B) We agreed on this reference as one of the best because identity theft is an important thing that we all should care about to secure our digital life information (credit cards, social security number, and etc...) The website shows how to deal with identity theft and also provides ways to avoid it and stop it from happening.

Topic 3 - Intellectual Property

A) We agreed on this article as one of the best because it is very important, especially for online classes, to know about plagiarism. Some people, mainly teenage students, would not want to spend some time and actually do their homework or test, They would rather go online, copy someone else's work and claim it as theirs. This article is important because it explains what plagiarism is and also shows you how to prevent it.

B) This is a great source to help understanding what copyright is. It also provides some information and ways to help avoiding it. It is important to understand and to avoid crossing the copyright because they can create major problems like bankruptcies, and other security issues.

Topic 4 - Crime

A) We agreed on this article as one of the best since online threats are increasing. The article is a great source to learn about computer crimes and avoid online threats to ensure protecting ourselves from any identity theft and secure copyrights and also secure any data transaction through the internet and data in computers like photos, documents, and etc...

B) This is a great article to help people know if their computer is infected and also provide ways to clean and protect them. It is important that we all have clean computers to save the computer resources such as decent capacity of the hard drive, computer processing speed which might be defected if the the computer has a virus that defects the processor, memory, hard drive performance. Protecting all the data and documents we have in the computers from getting stolen by someone through internet by using Trojans or damage them by viruses.

Topic 5 - Employment, Education, and Entertainment

A) This is a really good article, because it shows how mobile learning can be very effective and sufficient to both teachers and students. It uses studies, such as one done by the the Department of education to determine how effective or ineffective any "educational app" on any electronics can be. According to the study, they concluded that after using the vocabulary app for over 2 weeks, the vocabulary of children between the ages of 3-7 had improved by 31%. This is only one of the many studies done, but it really opens us up to the idea, that technology, and all the knowledge and information that it provides could really be a big help in the classrooms.

Topic 6 - Millennium Development Goals

A) We agreed on this article because of the direct use of the internet was required for this goal to be achieved. Being able to access information across the world in an instant could only be something possible with the introduction of the computer within our society. Farmers having to adjust to modern methods they never heard of would be practically impossible; however, thanks to technology farmers in Kenya were able to access modern day information instantly within their 3rd world countries without any problem.

B) We agreed on this article because of the message within. To use technology to solve problems that we consider unsolvable. To solve hunger we need to use technology not produce, but to distribute as the article says. While, we talked about how we used technology in the next topic, we of agreed on that this article is a valuable piece of information on how we should learn how to control technology in much more efficient methods.

Topic 7 - Evaluating and Controlling Technology

A) We agreed on this resource because the thesis behind the article is clear, precise, and relates well with our topic. TO have technology control us or us control technology. Most of the generation of the 1990's grew up in the begin with a society not completely dependent on computers, but as grew in the 2000's we experience a change in society that started to have the average person have a personal computer. The article here isn't a big load of information, but the statements within to make you wonder on the effects of computer use.

B) We agreed on this topic because of the point made within the article. How do we trust a piece of information to be correct information? Not only that, but how exactly do we give people a whole piece of information, and allow them to understand easily? The article dictates using a comment and rate base system to allow only valuable information to be considered accessible in which we, the group, agreed on. We also agreed on having a structure made for new topics for beginners in the subject to easily learn the information within.

Topic 8 - Risks, Failures, and Responsibilities

A) We agreed on this article because of failure on keeping responsibilities. Sony's PlayStation Network was hacked within 2011 causing great inconvenience to an numerous amount of Sony's consumers. Sony did apologize; however, around 10 million different credit cards were put in harm's way because of these hackers. The information for these cards were compromised. We agreed that you must hold clear responsibility, and recall the risks that will occur with failures. Sony has responsibilities in which they have failed in.

B) We agreed on the risk of being too dependent on the internet. The articles gives us information to not to make a point, but to make us think. We rely on the internet way more compared to past generations. To know what happen today, you had to wait for the newspaper for tomorrow. Nowadays you have instant information at your finger tips because of smart phones or your computer; however, what will happen if you don't stop continuously rely on computers. Books are already being replaced with E-books. Newspapers are slowing going away for online news sites. Magazines are being taken over by popular blogs and their site counterparts. We need to be responsible with our, and we must agree on the risk that come with the internet.

Topic 9 - Anytime, Anywhere

A) This article was really great in demonstrating how the idea of "anytime anywhere" is really coming to life. With the drones, it would be possible for the company to deliver on sundays, when there is usually no post. People are already able to order online from their phones, or laptops, and now they would be able to receive their packages, anytime, as soon as possible.

B) There's a lot of information and knowledge available online, but a lot of the time, the information could be fake, or people just don't know how to use it. Having an "online professor" could really help people understand topics better, or determine if the information or knowledge that they are reading is accurate. We also like the idea that these online courses, or professors would be at no/minimal cost so as to be available to everybody.

Topic 10 - Technology Advances, Social Trends

A) In actuality, we have not been using computers for a very long time, but the amount of progress that has been made in terms of technology related to the computer has been absolutely phenomenal. This article was really great in describing where computers in the future would lead us. One of the main ones being that eventually, computers would be able to "think" like we do. If you think about it, the implications of such an innovation would be huge.

B) We decided that this article was great, because it really highlighted the amazing things that you could do with the technology that we have available to us today. Things like electric clothes, or a new and improved bike could improve the quality of our life even more than technology already has. These social advances really are the future, and the innovations will continue to contribute to society even more as they evolve.

(Aya Mahdi)


A. Discussion: It shows the bad sides and effects of using computers all the time.

B. Discussion: Connected to and might also help almost all people’s lives nowadays.

C. Selected Media: It shows how technology will never stop growing as long as humans are still alive.


A. Discussion: The article helps to understand how are privacy is being compromised by the British government and our own US government.

B. Assignment: This article helps to understand and show how privacy is going backwards and down days after days.

C. Selected Media: Helps ourselves and other teens to know how to deal with privacy and mobile apps.

D. Selected Media: Shows people how to avoid identity theft.


A. Selected Media: Great sources for others to learn about plagiarism and avoid it.

B. Discussion: Helps to understand copyright and also shows what we need to know in the digital age.

C. Assignment: Helps to understand Internet privacy and how to avoid having personal information exposed to everyone.

Topic(4) CRIME:

A. Assignment: It is a great article to learn about computer crimes and helps to avoid online threats.

B. Discussion: Provides great information about identity theft and child pornography on the internet.

C. Selected Media: Great article to help people know if their computer is infected and also provide ways to clean and protect them.


A. Assignment: Shows how mobile learning can be very effective and sufficient to both teachers and students.

B. Discussion: Great video showing how teacher using technology. A great example for our class since its all about technology.

C. Selected Media: Provides great ways for people to be successful lifelong learners.


A. Assignment: Great article showing how technology will not solve the problem of poverty and hunger, but can help to solve it.

B. Discussion: This article shows data on how the reduction of population growth and greater access to education and technology can help meet the goals set out by the Millennium Development.

C. New Source: Great ways showing how we can help to end poverty and child hunger.


A. Discussion: Great article to help people understand and make the right choice of technology use.

B. Selected Media: Great video motivating people to know and understand the technology they’re using.

C. Assignment: It is a very good article that shows how technology and knowledge sharing will lead us to better future.


A. Assignment: Great article showing the importance of computer safety and encourages parents to keep up with their kids when using computers and social networking to avoid future problems.

B. Discussion: Great article that talks about the difference between computers and other devices and how they’re related to the ethical world.

C. Discussion: This is a great article showing that as the modern technological world continues to grow, our dependency on the internet continues to grow as well, and we tend to rely on the internet for more and more, especially now that we can basically carry it around in our pockets.


A. Discussion: This is great article showing how E-wallet is becoming more useful to many people in the world.

B. Selected Media: Helps people realize how technology is way more advanced than it was before. Shows how people can be working without even being at their desks nowadays.

C. Assignment: This article talks about the global network for online courses. It shows how many students prefer using the online courses.


A. New Source: Great website for people who like to know what is new with technology.

B. Assignment: Great invention by Cisco that helps us know how technology is advancing quickly.

C. Discussion: Good article showing some of the possibilities of the future of computers.

Lawrence Dizon

1. Introductions

A- - Source - Discussions When we first began this class, we had to come prepared with expectations. One of my expectations was of course the detrimental causes on the daily use of the computer within our society. The newest generations are becoming physically weaker in comparison to our previous ones because of the highly addictive computer social life.

B- - Source – Selected Media The idea of a digital citizenship interested me because I guess you could call an internet a completely different place, where you would have to obey the rules. The internet could be considered lawless if it wasn't for the fact that people try to act similar in the internet as they would in real life. In any case, this article has us realize there are common rules we naturally obey without considering them when using the internet.

C- #.UqNwyfRDuSo – Source - Search How would you view use of the computer on society? I would argue right now the computers are making us lazier and unhealthy. I also, would argue that computers would allow us to be much more efficient. All valid points in my opinion. The article here argues that we are not dependent on computers, but we use them to be much more efficient.

2. Privacy and Freedom of Speech

A- - Source – Selected Media This article discussed on how teens are actually more self-aware on keeping their private info safe from danger; however, within the statistics of the article majority of the statistics did not reach past 50 percent. Even if we have 50 percent of teens being safe we still have another 50 percent risking their info on a daily basis. Overall, this article discusses the problems with teens, their info, and how the internet society has created ways to access their info.

B- – Source – Discussions Do we need to be afraid of our own government? My answer would be yes. When the government purposely bypasses the laws of the internet companies to protect their consumers from private information being revealed, then problems are happenings. The articles talks about the misuse of government's power to reveal private information located on user's computers.

C- - Source – Search This is an interesting argument. Do computers have freedom of speech? If you program a computer to type something is the speech protected by the constitution? People argue that since the computer was programmed by someone with freedom of speech then the obvious answer should be yes. The article dictates information on the argument of freedom of speech for computers.

3. Intellectual Propertyv

A- – Source – Selected Media How would you feel if your handwritten essays were sent to a company to be used for profit with no consent from you? Also, you would receive no compensation? I would feel pretty irked. This exactly what Mclean High School is going through. This article dictates the battle of student's essays being used by a company to gain profit with no compensation.

B- - Source – Discussions Ever illegally downloaded something? Well, things just got a little harder if you use google to find your links. Google has now removed about 5.9 million urls that allow you to download copyright information; however, that a very small amount to how many links there actually are. This article, dictates the amount of links requested to be removed by companies to Google to protect intellectual property.

C- - Source – Search Should be able to sell an item if you are the owner? I would say yes; however, trade negotiators would say no if the item was purchase in a different country. To protect intellectual property negotiators say a person should not be able to sell an item in the United States if bought in another country. In this article, a situation where a Thai student buying textbooks at Thailand, and selling those books in the United States is causing an argument.

4. Crime

A- - source – Selected Media The world is ever changing, but how fast are we changing? Within this video we get a glimpsed of the statistical data that shows our changes. You would be astounded by the amount of numbers. These numbers also indicate how much computers have affected our lives, and how many lives are potentially threaten by cyber crime.

B- - Source – Discussions Just as there are different ways to cause a crime in real life such as murder, theft, and etc there are also numerous ways to cause cyber crime. Theft of private information, viruses to ruin software, and among other things. We live in a world, where society has become almost entirely dependent on the existence of the computer and the internet. The article here dictate the numerous ways a person could cause a cyber crime, and how the crime will affect somebody.

C- – Source – Search Ever wondered the serious impact a cyber crime can cause? I have, and I am not shocked by the potential of cyber crimes. Within this article, you'll information on cyber crimes along with examples of successful cyber crimes such as the “CoolWebSearch” that took information worth more than $350,000.

5. Employment, Education, and Entertainment

A- – Source – Selected Media Do you worry if computers are going to take away human labor? I have, and wondered how far will computers be able to go to make human labor inferior overall? Within this article, you would be surprised that human labor isn't gone at all. Initial usage of the device did remove some labor jobs, but human labor isn't going anywhere anytime soon. – Source – Discussions

B- This video is one of many videos on youtube about increasing your work output, but it was thanks to social media being accessible by anyone is what allows this video to work. People looking for information to increase their work output would eventually be redirected to this video if they kept searching. The video dictates on how to separate what you need for work, and what allows you to work your best.

C- - Source – Search Society is dependent on computers in this modern day. This is why jobs that you would think that should not have any relation to computers actually require computer knowledge. In this article, as the title says English majors are also studying computer science. Why? To have the knowledge needed to compete in today's market.

6. Millennium Development Goals

A- - Source - Discussions The internet holds the biggest library in the world. The amount of information within the internet is astounding. With the internet being access by anyone, you can almost everything that was ever documented within the internet. Kenya's farmers have taken advantage of this information. Within the article, Kenya's farmers are encouraged to take up modern day methods on farming to increase produce output. The farmers have learn this information through internet access.

B- - Source - Discussions When Haiti experienced the major earthquake did you wonder on their voices? By voices, I mean their experience throughout the whole scene. I have, and I have heard. The article, talks about the immediate response Actions Against Hunger did for Haiti, and how they also included giving these people a way to communicate to the internet. The internet has allowed us to give people instant communication to ask and give help.

C- - Source – Search LG Electronics is a well established electronics company. Within the article, we are given information on the type of deeds LG has done to reach the Millennium Development Goals; however, the most interesting part that LG done in my opinion is the hope screen. The hope screen are big digital billboards that advertise information on Kenya and other places.

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

A- - Discussions Of course we seen the films such as Terminator with Skynet taking control of the world through human's dependency on machines; however, does that possibility exist? At the moment, no, but overtime, maybe. Within this article, the pros and cons of artificial intelligence is question.

B- - Source – Selected Media This article was very interesting. Creating a self-replicating robot to search the galaxy for the mysteries of the Universe. The article, did make a fair point that if other life does exist, then most likely they have to follow the same rules of physics. How do we control the technology of these robots though? Is the idea of a self-replicating robot that we could lose control of worth the reward of unlocking the secrets of the universe? I would say no. The article, gives information on possibilities, and how exactly will a self-replicating robot be used to search through the universe.

C- - Source – Search Are you in control of your phone, or are you in control of it? We live in a society that could be strongly argued that we live under the law of the computers. We depend on computers on almost everything that happens within our daily lives. Texting, traffic lights, internet, and among others we depend on computers. The article, jogs up your mind to wonder on who controls who, and the psychological effects devices holds on us.

8. Risks, Failures, and Responsibilities

A- - Source – Discussions When you decided to buy your PS4, and give Sony your information to be able to purchase add-ons you expect Sony to have a very strong security system to prevent any information being stolen; however, anything can be hacked on the internet. Within the article, we see Sony apologizing over the 2011 mishap of PSN being hacked. Around 10 million credit cards we're possibly involved. That is a huge number on the amount of trust Sony has lost for not keeping it's responsibility to it's customers.

B- - Source – Discussions How would you feel if your E-mails are being used to gain information on you to be used by advertisers? I would feel my privacy been invaded overall. Within this article, there are claims that Google is using a scanning program meant to search for spam patterns to also be used to gain information from Google E-mail users to advertise to them.

C- - Source – Discussions We already have known constant computer usage will deteriorate our health over time, but how exactly do we stop the new generations to not be dependent on a computer when society is. Within the article, we see the argument to limit kids on computers and other types of media; however, how exactly do we this without a backlash. We can't.

9. Anytime, Anywhere

A- – Source – Selected Media This is an interesting blog that gives you some insight on what's happening with today's society, and ever changing tools we used. For example, within the blog the author talks about the rise of E-books. I find E-books myself a very continent source of information as you're able to access it anywhere, anytime as long as you have the media medium for it.

B- - Source – Selected Media Massive online courses are appearing every day. We have classes on almost every subject by now. The problem with online classes is the fact that most colleges do not consider them credit worthy yet. There is no guidelines for an online class to be college standards yet. Within the article, you'll find information these online courses including info on taking them, and reasoning behind them.

C- - Source – Discussions Ever seen those old cartoons that dictate the future would allow you to order something and within 5 seconds you'll receive it through a tube? I have, and I always awaited the day for that type of technology to arrive. Amazon has decided to come very close to it. Amazon has started a project to create an army of drones to deliver any packages you order from Amazon within minutes. Within the article, you'll find various information on the drone army, and how the army will have people get their purchases anywhere, anytime.

10. Technology Advances, Social Trends

A- – Source – Selected Media Within this article, researchers are using a game to help people diagnosis malaria. The game works by having the gamers identify which bloods cells are health versus which blood cells are infected with malaria. By causing a social trend of playing this game you are effectively training all the gamers to be qualified people to identify malaria.

B- - Source – Selected Media With the present constantly changing aren't you curious and possibly worried what changes will come before you know it? Within this article, you'll find many changes that will both amaze and possible startle you. Alcohol that causes no headaches. Playgrounds meant to scare. Top class food as TV dinners.

C- - Discussions Just how dependent is the world with the internet? Very dependent. More than 2 billion people use the internet, and around 70 percent of those people use the internet daily. Within this article, you'll find statistical information what exactly goes on around the internet. With technology being advance, and social trends happening, the internet is still the backbone of everything

Natasha Bhatt


A. Discussion: Usually, we hear more stuff about how computers help us, but this article discusses how computers don’t help us, in terms of how much time we spend on them, and how its harming our bodies.

B. Discussion: It discusses how much time we waste on social media, and the impact that it has on our lives.

C. Selected Media: It really shows how addicted we are to our technology, and how much we rely on it on a daily basis.


A. Discussion: This article talked about how a professor got into trouble because of a tweet that he posted that expressed his own opinion. It really makes you think about how “free” our “free speech” rights really are.

B. Assignment: This article discussed internet censorship, and how it should not happen because the internet is supposed to be “free” for everyone.

C. Selected Media: This article talked about a single instance where a woman stole around $183,000 from identity theft, and it talked about how easily she did this.


A. Selected Media: This is a great site to use to find information on copyrighting, and the laws and regulations for it.

B. Discussion: An example of an instance when copyright infringement occurred, and how the situation was resolved.

C. Assignment: This article outlines the laws regarding internet privacy in all different things, from the actual internet, to e-books, and more.

Topic(4) CRIME:

A. Assignment: This is a great resource to learn about cyber crime and what is being done to fight against internet crime.

B. Discussion: Great article about cyber bullying, and where the line should or shouldn’t be drawn for how much power instructors could have over their students on the internet.

C. Selected Media: Good information about computer hacking, and the risks, and how to prevent it.


A. Assignment: Great resource to learn about cyber bullying, and how children are now using all sorts of technology, cell phones, or social media sites to bully other children.

B. Discussion: Great article about how schools need to catch up with the technological age, and how technology in the classroom can help, mainly because of the internet, and how much information can be available instantly.

C. Selected Media: Good article outlining the problems in using too much technology in classrooms, and how it can actually distract children from learning, and make them more reliable on an outside source of information, rather than actually learning the material.


A. Assignment: Good article about the hard facts about poverty and hunger world-wide.

B. Discussion: Good article that talks about the benefits of genetic engineering technology, and how it can help to end world hunger.

C. New Source: This article discusses different technological advances that would help to end woorld poverty and hunger.


A. Discussion: Good article about how technology can encourage and enable knowledge sharing.

B. Selected Media: Great article about how the internet is beneficial to us as a “free” space to share information and knowledge.

C. Assignment: Good article talking about how net neutrality, and discusses the possiblity of the government controlling the internet and how if that happened, if any of our rights, such as free speech, would be violated or not.


A. Assignment: Good article about how parents can, and should implement control over what their child views over the internet.

B. Discussion: Great article about a study that was done to determine the relationship between technology and ethics, in terms of teachers, students, schools and software companies.

C. Discussion: Good article about how parents can use technology to be more involved in their childrens’ lives, along with information about how parents should be aware of how their children use technology, and how much.


A. Discussion: Great article about how far technology has advanced, and how far it can go in terms of making anything available to consumers anytime, anywhere.

B. Selected Media: Good source of information about the E-wallet, how it works, and its potential in the future.

C. Assignment: This article talks about something called a bitcoin which is basically online/virtual money with real value.


A. New Source: Great article about the impact of social media, and how its constantly affecting our life as it continues to evolve.

B. Assignment: Outlines the some of the most important and incredible ways that social media has affected us in terms of communication, or social networking.

C. Discussion: This article discusses the future of computers, and how in the near future we could have computers that “think” like humans.