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CIS 2 - Fall 2013

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Workspace for Final Project collaboration and publication. Includes link lists for each group member and the final group recommendations for each topic, along with descriptions as outlined in the assignment.

Best resources - Group D


  • Internet History:- In this video, Jonathan Zittrain talks about a lot of intriguing facts about the internet that a normal computer user wouldn't know about. How the internet was formulated and assembled? How a group of people can influence big network based operations? How Wikipedia came to life? what would happen if all the editors of Wikipedia went offline for just a second? All these questions and more can be answered in the amazing and not forgetting fun video.
  • Technology Impact on Society:- This article is about the impact of technology has on society, asking questions and comparing what you do online to what you do in real life. Also the advancements in technology today like the Xbox able to order pizza from the console, or having Facebook on your fridge; all of this is making lives easier and people lazier.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

  • Identity theft information:- People don't give attention if the number of victims of a certain activity is a small number. This website brings out the statistics of identity theft victims through out the world. When we look at the numbers we realize how deep this problem is right now. For every one second there is one identity theft victim. It is alarming to know how vast and expanded this activity is getting one day after another. There is a number on top that tells us how many victims have went through this terrible fraud. BY the way the numbers are for all types of identity thefts.
  • Loss Of Privacy Will Kill Free Speech:- This link speaks of the connection between privacy and freedom of speech. It is stated that whatever you post on your computer or whatever you say on your phones are recorded as customer records and send to law enforcement. Freedom of Speech is a human right that everyone has, but without privacy; are we suppose to watch out for what we say? This is a problem because 'privacy isn't a hindrance to free speech; its the driving force behind it.' Privacy is the space and boundary we have basically be ourselves, not being constantly recorded and watched.

Intellectual Property

  • Technology, Copyright and fair use:- In the discussion below a lot of important points are discussed. How technology is deep into the society these days and how almost we cant live without technology. There are also points raised about copyright and fair use of others intellectual belongings.
  • Intellectual Property products:- Intellectual Property is a right to a creator of an invention; it could be a written song, painting, or object. This article informs us the way intellectual property works with products created.

Computers and Crime

  • Crimes being less with computers:- We are living in a world with a lot of crimes being reported in every second. Internet crime also known as cyber crime consists a large portion of the crimes committed. The website displays some statistics about all kinds of internet crimes committed in every second. It enlightens the people how much the problem is getting deep into the society. The numbers are need a lot of attention even from the government if possible to keep them down, so that a safe online environment that allows people to transact without worries would be created.
  • Cyber Crime Biggest Threat:- Cybercrime has been a big trendy thing that’s been going on and to some, it is a dangerous threat thats consider more of a threat than a nuclear war. The reason I picked this article to cover the topic ‘Crime’ is because to raise a understanding of how big of a threat cyber crime is. The article states, “In April, the FBI said cyber crime is fast becoming a threat to surpass terrorism in the US.” I want to raise the attention to something higher concern than war, you’ll never be safe outside or even online. The idea of being safe is not safe at all, you’ll never know what will hit you when you put information out there online.

Employment, Education and Entertainment

  • The future of classroom:- The article makes reasonable predictions of what to expect in a regular classroom after a couple of decades. It mentioned a lot of things I never thought could exist like paper tab and phonebloks. It has included video to help elaborate what they meant by the terms since a lot of the terms are new.
  • Higher Education & Employment:- This article points out the decrease for jobs, but a higher rate of employments needed for high educational jobs. The article connects all the three words together to give you an understanding of what it means.

Millennium Development Goals

  • Everyday in Technology for students:- The way the organizers thought education should be taught is more productive to the education of the country and more fun for the students. It gives the student one reason to get up from bed early in the morning every day and be happy that going to school is in their schedule. It clearly stands out as the best way to make students familiar with the growing technology at every step of time.
  • Environmental Sustainability:- To being able to change the environment, we must learn to change ourselves. The organization UNDP dedicates their lives to help change the world. The article talks about their duties that takes one step closer to change the world.

'Evaluating and Controlling Technology

  • The ancient origin of computers:- It is always nice to see the origin of something before going deep into the product description, that is what this video describes about. Amazing to know how it works with just a bunch of plastics and we can imagine what they would have done if they used more modern tools. They created a machine that only has one purpose but in the broader sense it gave a way to all the modern computers we see now.
  • Controlling Technology Or Does It Control you:- This is a short little article that explains the ableness of humans controlling technology, or is technology controlling us? I chose this article for this module because I believe what the article states is true. “growing obsession with technology is having a detrimental effect on our ability to think deeply and form meaningful relationships” Everywhere you go you see somebody using technology and its just overwhelming the fact that everyone is connecting through technology usage rather than person-to-person contact. It also says that the time we spend person-to-person does not compare to what we do sitting down on the computer, scrolling down on your smart phones, or even doing things non-technology related.

Risks, Failures and Responsibilities

  • Computers helping coma patients:- Machines usually will be innovated and implemented if they make the life of the doctor easier and the work of the same doctor productive. This is one of the machines that allows the doctor to give focus on the main patients and let the work of the brain injured patient to the machine to check the patients condition. It can precisely determine the level of sedation of the brain and maintain it if it is not in the right condition.
  • Technology Risks:- We all know that technology plays a big role in our lives, we can’t live without it; thats the reason why I chose this article. There are a lot of risks when dealing with technology. Using it may be easy but building it and having technology failures may be riskier. This article goes in detail about the impacts these risks of technology, and tells what kind of risks there are online. Check out the article to find information in detail about the global governance failure and what it has to do with technology, and be surprised at what you read.

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Internet affecting politics:- How is internet connected to politics? Does internet affect politics for the good? Questions like these will be adequately answered in the article. One of the nice things is that this article includes percentages and statistics to support the argument. You might not understand the authors point of view but with the examples and quotes you will get all of his ideas. The article gives the a vision that is clear to the people that gets confused when politics and internet are raised up together.
  • Wifi Environment:- This article speaks about the use of wifi in the atmosphere while flying in the airplane that can harm our health. The wifi uses a spectrum of extremely low frequency radio waves which adds significant amount of ionizing radiation to our health. I chose this article with the reason it not only states that wifi is anywhere and anytime, but gives information about the dangers of it. Sure, having wifi everything sounds great to have anytime but effecting your health would you still want it? The article talks about the waves of the wifi it sends out, what it causes, and the only question is will it be dangerous for people in the future?

Technology Advances, Social Trends

  • Computers in cure of cancer:- Cancer has been one of the most killer diseases in the US for a long time now affecting the human power the country has. Scientists in the past have tried everything to find a cure or at least a hope curing cancer but were not lucky to find one. Not now with the researches done in Everest college, researchers say that they have found a treatment that will eliminate cancer within 10-15 years, What a good news. That is not good considering the long time but it is a hope that the cure for cancer is at the door. With every clue researchers and scientist are getting closer and closer in finding a cure for cancer.The writing explains how technology is giving human life hope.
  • Technology Changing The World:- The reason I chose this link because it goes in depth the advances of technology and what the future holds us humans. This 40-minute long video speaks for the reasons of the advancements of technology. It talks about the ideas of humanoid robots that was dreamed of being created before, now being made as we speak. Robots are being created not only to do things we humans can do, but greater than us. In Japan, a robot that goes by the name 'Asimo' is one of the successful robot that not only move on its own, but has a mind of its' own and can think without human intervention. Humans aim to build these robots for use to help make lives easier. The things humans can't do on a regular basis, or places such like the nuclear plants in Japan they created a robot to do the role that we can't proceed with. In the future, expect the use of advanced technology to control robots to do most of the things we humans are paid to do.

Individual Selections

Robel Fesseha

Module 1:- Introduction

  • what does technology want? The video talks about how technology evolves.Kelly asks a question and answers it through different connected fields like biology. I like the definitions of technology given out by Allen Key and is mentioned by Kelly as technology is anything that is invented after we were born. The concepts discussed in the video makes everybody think again how we knew technology.
  • Internet History In this video we learn a lot about the history of internet. It also describes amazing events that have happened while internet was expanding its applicability through the world.
  • Rules for digital citizenship The article briefly describes the major rules that we have to follow when communicating in the digital world. I think this rules are the basic for productive online experience for everyone and very important. Just like we keep our manners when we are in real life we should also watch out how we interact on the web.Just because no one can see our faces when we are online doesn't mean we should disrespect and disrupt the smooth flow of the interaction.
  • Skills for good writing Maps the skill and competency level needed to improve our writings when we are on the web.The article directs students on how to write best responses and answers when participating on the web.
  • A trip back to 1993 Internet It takes us back to 1993 where they knew internet as some newfangled thing. It was out of the ordinary on that time to see videos broadcast online.It just identifies how the internet was when it was defined.

Module 2:- Privacy and Freedom of Speech keywords

  • What Facebook really does Facebook has a lot of information about everyone, it is safe to say equal information to that of G-mail. People don't realize what they are doing when posting info or personal identifications. The picture mentioned in the discussion shows how the real world connection between Facebook and the Facebook's users is. It is advised not to give out our personal information's in every Facebook requests. It in now more clear how all of the advertisements got into our email accounts even thought we don't remember giving it out to many sites.
  • Why people are not protecting their personal information's The article emphasizes how important it is to protect our personal information's when we are on the web. A lot people don't use cation when either shopping online until recent times and articles like these inform people what they should do when they are online.
  • Identity theft information People don't give attention if the number of victims of a certain activity is a small number. This website brings out the statistics of identity theft victims through out the world. When we look at the numbers we realize how deep this problem is right now. For every one second there is one identity theft victim. It is alarming to know how vast and expanded this activity is getting one day after another. There is a number on top that tells us how many victims have went through this terrible fraud. BY the way the numbers are for all types of identity thefts.
  • Another look at privacy The author, Downes links important worthy notes about how your information's are disclosed to the any big organizations.
  • New world behind Facebook Most of us use Facebook a lot, this writing describes what we should do to be protective of our information's and it also lays out the some of the agendas behind Facebook operations.

Module 3 :- Intellectual Property

  • YouTube copyright laws It is fun and more effective way of teaching copyright and its sequences if is infringed. Attention should be given is the main entry in this video because many copyright infringements happen in YouTube videos these days.
  • Embrace the remix This YouTube video describes how indifferent is copy from combine. It gives out many examples that aid the main thought. It is important because it clears a lot of ambiguous concepts mentioned about copyright. Emphasizes that copy somewhat similar to combine since the original document in the combine is the copy.
  • Technology, Copyright and fair use In the discussion below a lot of important points are discussed. How technology is deep into the society these days and how almost we cant live without technology. There are also points raised about copyright and fair use of others intellectual belongings.
  • 21st Century Information fluency What are some of the features found in a copyrighted page? How long does copyright last? questions like these are precisely answered in the article and to be honest these are the questions most of don't know the answers to.
  • Copyright issues I chose this article because it clears any confusions a person might come in the field of copyrights.What marks the okay copy's and the dangerous copy's that will lead to a penalty was my first question and this article answered it.

Module 4 :- Computers and Crime

  • An app that is private from NSA TO develop an app that is more private than the big companies are is very interesting. It expands on the right to participate and speak when people are on the web.
  • Crime being less with computers Even though the article is old it takes us back to where the magic happened. how was the first impression when crimes was solved with the aid of computers.
  • Common fraud schemes Raises points to educate the general public on how to identify internet fraud. This government website provides good tips for protecting our personal information's from internet thieves.

Module 5 :- Employment, Education and Entertainment

  • Virtual internships It clearly identifies the pros and cons about virtual internships. The assumptions and thoughts used for clarifying the concepts are interesting.
  • A quick peek at a soon to be a classroom At present, Schools are getting more and more familiar with recent technologies. With the fast speed rate of technology we will see a lot of useful tools like those listed in the website being incorporated in every schools program in a couple of years from now.
  • How technology affect Education Points out the facts about the connection between students and technology in a video. How students are motivated by technology? and what benefits technology has for all kind of students? are answered in the detailed video.
  • Technology's impact on work environment Describes how technology changed employer to employee relationships. It has influencing impact to the relationship of the two parties in a work environment leading in increase of the productivity of the business.

Module 6 : Millennium Development Goals

  • Everyday in technology for students India as we all know is one of the leading countries in-terms of computer technology. This program which is being implemented in the schools of India is a living proof of how students need to be taught to be ultra productive.
  • Preventing world hunger Everybody should contribute something it shouldn't have to be money to reduce the number of people hunger is affecting every year. This and other ideas targeted at ceasing world hunger are found in the article in a way no more explanation would make it better.
  • Technologies contribution to eliminate poverty People will always try to help reduce the poverty line but the question here lies in what technology can do to push down the number of poverty in the world. The article elaborates how the technology cycle is in terms of helping to better living conditions through reducing the poverty signs.

Module 7 : Evaluating and Controlling Technology

  • Tech cars that don't need drivers The article clearly shows how much technology is expanding and widening its horizon. From the writing we can also take the fact technology is always looking for ways to make itself better. It also makes the reader think what kind of technologies are going to be in a world after a decade. The transformations cars have undergone is also mentioned in deep descriptions in the writing.
  • Knowledge sharing to the best Knowledge sharing is one and only reason knowledge went from one generation to the next one. It allows groups of expertise in one field to become more productive. The topic incorporates need as the driving force for increasing the know how of the experts added with sharing.
  • The ancient origin of computers Many fun to know concepts about how computers emerged into the world we are living right now are included in the above writing. It talks about how computers came to life and what initiated their formulation.
  • Technology's influence Answers the question that many are discussing on " is technology controlling us or are we controlling technology". I like how the article mentions famous writers thought as input for final answer to the question.

Module 8 : Risks, Failures and Responsibilities

  • Computers helping coma patients Now a days computers are helping a lot in the medical field. The computers discussed in the article help patients who are in a coma condition. It shows us how technologies are important when included in the human race.
  • Can Artificial intelligence save Humans? The audio together with the article examines if artificial intelligence is going to be helpful to the human race in the short run as well as in the long run. The objectives scientists predict to have are interesting like the one about trying to create an artificial intelligent that exceeds human intelligence in every corner. It is definitely the next step to the modern or advanced computing device.

Module 9 : Anytime, Anywhere

  • Cloud Media Computing Gives you the basic as well as more complex knowledge about cloud computing in a lot of videos.
  • PayPal combating cyber crime The article included explains the principles, policies and programs that currently manages PayPal to prevent cyber crime.
  • Internet affecting politics The existence of internet has affected the politics world a lot starting with creating more ways a party could use to share their view with the public.

Module 10 : Technology Advances, Social Trends

  • Computers in cure of cancer Computers to the rescue of human race mission seem to continue with another project that entails curing cancer. Even though this cure takes time to evolve and make itself compatible, it is a bright hope that there will be another treatment that can completely cure cancer within a couple of years from now.
  • Important technology in combating malaria Malaria just like cancer in developed countries has been a major fatal disease in the developing countries for long time. Scientists with the help of new and modern equipments are trying to find a better way of curing the disease at the same time increase the accurate usage of the societies resources. The article further talks about the importance of motivating the people to include technology in their day to day life to cure a lot of other problems. It emphasizes how important it is to organize all the resources including human resources and developing a system that will save waste of valuable resources and also better direct it to the societies productivity.
  • Robots for improved human life In this video the commentator describes the world of robots. These robots have the ability to improve or ruin human life it all depends on the programer. Most of the time robots are designed to change our life for the good. Asimo the favorite robot that has some of the human emotions and is made in japan is also explained in the video.

Senh Tang

Module 1:- Introduction

  • Effects On Society The article talks about the effects it has on the world. Also covers the effects on work jobs and careers in life.
  • Impact Of Computers With the history of when computers and technology itself started, this link gives you knowledge at where it stands. From the old time where computers were made poorly to now. Interesting facts people should know and check out.
  • Negative Impact Of Technology This article talks about the effects technology has on children growing up. Comparing what families were like before to families now with technology.

Module 2:- Privacy and Freedom of Speech keywords

  • Loss Of Online Privacy This article explains why the loss of online privacy can lead to the loss of the right Freedom of Speech. It goes into detail how everything you say on the net isn’t as secure as you think it is.
  • Freedom Of Speech Censorship This article talks about the Freedom of Speech and that it’s the human right that can’t be broken. Everyone has that right of free speech and no one can take that away from a person.
  • Internet Privacy Privacy itself is very crucial and everyone should be able to have that. Internet privacy included also, since its hard to find privacy online without getting recorded down.
  • Plan To Kill Privacy Rights Everyone has the right to privacy. Nobody can take that from you and this article talks about the plan to destroy online privacy rights.

Module 3 :- Intellectual Property

  • Mother Nature Intellectual Property Speaks about the world itself and that we violate the intellectual property of nature. Talks about balance of nature and the way we humans treat the creations of earth.
  • Patent Troll Abusers Everyone knows what trolls look like, apparently there has been a lot of lawsuits against the usage and copy of trolls. Read the article to see the facts about how ‘trolls’ were started.

Module 4 :- Computers and Crime

  • China Cyber Hack With cyber attacks being the scarier than any other attacks, the article talks about how Google points the finger at China for a Cyber Attack and what Obama does. It goes back and forth at what the U.S. is going to do and what the Chinese believe that the U.S. is.
  • Cyber Crime Bigger Threat What’s a bigger threat than a nuclear war? Apparently it’s cyber crime, due to the fact that is voted higher threat than war itself. So where does that put us? Protecting civilians from war and keeping them safe on the internet also.
  • 2012 Cyber Crime Stories With cyber crime raising up, there will be stories about it. This link leads you to an article talking about the stories of cyber crime and what has happened to other websites.
  • Cyber Crime Arrest Russians believe they caught the man that was the creator of a software called ‘black hole’. Which is the reason for the cyber hacks and crimes but catching the creator won’t stop the other people with the software from attacking other computers.
  • Charged For Biggest Crime This mini article talks about the biggest cyber crime case in history that is caused by 5 people. Attacking and stealing over $300 million dollars from companies.

Module 5 :- Employment, Education and Entertainment

  • Education Education is essential and shouldnt be taken advantage of. The link shows you a variety of articles all on education.
  • Employment Mismatch With education, it leads you to your career and with education and a career, finding employment is easier. Instead of being unprepared you have the knowledge learned from classes to get you prepared for your career job.
  • Higher Education When it comes to jobs, education for it is needed as a requirement before getting the career job you want to end up with. This article states the lead to where education can not only just benefit you, but help you on your way to your career.

Module 6 : Millennium Development Goals

  • Water Access In Sudan To change the world, one must change themselves or start from somewhere to work their way up. The organization UNDP helps the people in need to provide them with clean water access for the people in Sudan. One step into helping the people and leads toward to keeping environmental sustainability .The UNDP has helped a lot of people in places in need of help from disasters, or just people in need.
  • UNICEF & Water UNICEF is another organization that helps the people at places in need for food or water or shelter. UNICEF does charity by asking people to donate coins in to get money to help the needed. Another work here is UNICEF giving the needed the clean water they lack.
  • UNICEF Tap Project Continuing on, UNICEF has a project that aims to help people. They’re giving the chance for people of Facebook to donate to the needed. Provide what they lack and raise awareness that everyone isn’t as fortunate as themselves to have access to the water system they want.

Module 7 : Evaluating and Controlling Technology

  • Mind Control Technology With Harvard on their way to mind controlling technology, so is MIT. Their discovery to do the same as other institutes to aim for controlling technology.
  • Harvard Developing Technology Moving along living life with technology now-a-days is having a smartphone, computer, and doing everything basicaly online. Well Harvard is getting one step closer to a discovery of mind controlling technology. Being able to control another person or animal with only thoughts and soundwaves from the mind, not from movement. The article states that the rat being tested as shown in the video is moved by the waves of the mind connected to the dead rat.

What impact technology has on us pertains to that we are improving and so is technology. We can’t live without technology and try to advance it every day. With new technology, there is a need to control the creation.

  • Do You Control Technology, Or Does It Control You Do you know that if you control your technology, or does it control you? Check this article on this and find out if what you’ve been using you have under control or is or the other way around.

Module 8 : Risks, Failures and Responsibilities

  • Risks to Face Failure There are companies that try to invent new technology to be better than the last. There are success and failure to making it also, read this article about the risks Daniel Linsker face.
  • Obamacare & Responsibility The Obamacare was a system to help the needed and with the launch failure there is responsibilities. This article talks Kathleen Sebelius taking responsibility to it and the background behind it.
  • Technological Risks Impacting The World With new technology, might come failure. Rawn Shah states that failures due to the cyber attacks going on. Since cyber attacks rank the highest threat and risks to the net it is duly noted to be careful.

Module 9 : Anytime, Anywhere

  • Wifi Everywhere Wifi is starting to be built for everywhere usage. This article states that sooner or later in couple years none of the internet modems are needed. All you’d need is a device that can connect to wifi and you’d be on your way. Thats what the future holds for us, a place where wifi is found everywhere and you can access anytime.
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath, Wifi Literally mean what the title says, don’t hold your breath. The article talks about the pros and cons about the google wifi. If built, your whole town has access to free wifi without paying, but there are cons. Such as your data carrier running out of business since you won’t even need the data for your smart phone anymore and can just rely on the google wifi. It’s a big argument why there should and shouldn’t be google wifi, since it is bad for business but yet for everyone to use.
  • Find Free Wifi Anywhere As I stated, wifi is everywhere. It is the internet access people want and get from any hotspots. This article states and tells you where the spots to get free wifi from, and where unexpectedly can get it from.
  • Health & Wifi Environment With all the talk about wifi being free and everywhere on the ground, there is wifi sky bound. But your health is serious also, since sky bound wifi sends out waves that harms your health you’d be careful being on a plane next time. This article states that it’s bad for you because the wifi sends out radio waves that harms your body.

Module 10 : Technology Advances, Social Trends

  • Importance of Technological Advances The importance of technology to soiety is great. Since technology has affected society and made our lives easier it has made us lazier. The article states that and it is true that our lives has been better and easier.
  • Technology Advances for Soldiers Battlefield This article talks about the advancements in communication with the loved ones of the military soldiers. With the new technology, they’re able to speak to their loved ones faster than before.
  • Hi-Tech Healing Technology Technology is a wonderful thing, it has abled doctors to save people and cure diseases and discover them to find cures for.
  • How Robots Will Change The World This video talks about how robots will change the world. Robots are taking over what humans do, having a robot do things quicker than a human. They’re in the process of building a robot that can not only talk as a human, but have the mindset of humans. The humanoid robot is in the making and they’re one step closer into building the real perfect human-like robot. To do things we can’t do, and to go places we can’t go, thats the role of these humanoid robots. For an example, a site where humans aren’t allowed to go or can’t go they’d send the humanoid robot to check the site and explore. Truly fascinating.