Great Technologies List - Fall 2013

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  • add your suggestions... This is a great comprehensive list of online resources, some of my favorites are:

Ted Talks: Khan Academy:

-AF A fun site to keep up with everything Apple. -md For those who love Windows and all that comes with it! -md This website is very interesting and fun to keep up with crazy technology. -MA Keeps you updated on the latest Android news. They also have forums and discussion if people have questions or comments. JT This website calculates what your taxes will be according to salary information, date of pay, state, and filing status. No personally identifiable information is disclosed. It is mostly a "what if" kind of website. -EG This website is helpful if someone wants an inexpensive mobile tablet device with Android included. - B.G. This is a website that gives teachers ideas on how to teach using free technology. - B.G. This site comes in handy when there is an issue with your car, TV, or pretty much anything. Holds a number of resources that you can research through. -A.C This site holds an enormous amount of information on multiple types of categories. - A.C This site holds the technology of Skype that allows you to make free calls to other personal across any distance. - L.D. This site holds numerous information any programmer could require on the C++ programming language. - L.D. This site is educated.There are real classrooms and tons of videos sharing knowledge on different subjects. SO This site is free open-source office software which you can report bugs even enhance the program so its exactly the way you want it. SO This website features a new tech-savvy item called the Nike Fuelband which tracks your heart rate during exercises among other things while you wear it. - J.C. This website sells an interesting piece of tech called the smart-watch. It has the functions of a simple smart phone, like a mini-smart phone for your wrist. - J.C.