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Projects on Wikieducator

Projects on WE


Join the WikMaster Workgroup


Research Portal


Sharing Teaching Experiences

Mentoring Students

Collaborative Book

International Collaborative Projects

Community Service Leadership

Ort Gutman High School


Online Workshops

Improve Your Writing


Digifolio is one of many online courses developed for EVO09. Although I am moderating the course, I was asked to remove the content from Wikieducator since EVO09 and TESOL are using pbwiki and no other wiki. However, I will be reflecting on the course and adding resources on digital portfolio identification and e-portfolios.

Connecting Online

Connecting Online Conference


Workshop on Mindfulness

Workshop on Mindfulness


Storytelling WiZiQ Meeting
Specialties.png Storytelling and Culture
Saturday, September 5, 2009
6:00pm GMT
Check your time JOIN US

Webheads in Action

  • My contribution to Webheads' 10th anniversary.

Learning Models

Connecting Online for Peace


You are invited to contribute to the development of curricula and instructional design on how to educate for world peace.

Women Without Frontiers

Collaborative Online Projects

Learn Collaboratively

Art and Literature