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Magic Flying Carpet


Learning Beyond Boundaries

Two Continents One Classroom

Asia & Europe

Why don't we share a classroom in cyberspace? Conceived in 1998, the Asia-Europe Classroom (AEC) is a unique structure that connects secondary or high schools in Asia and Europe. Through its activities, the AEC provides opportunities for collaborative learning and intercultural exchanges. It is a cyber-classroom shared by students and teachers to build stronger bi-regional networks and partnerships in the courses of implementing common online projects and participating in face-to-face exchanges. In early 2006, the Asia-Europe Classroom was renamed as the Asia-Europe Classroom Network (AEC-NET). To join our network, please click here.

Flying to Asia on a Magic Flying Carpet

Europe has to face a simple fact: Asian countries are no more "emerging" countries. Asia hosts some of the leading industrial economies, and their cultural presence in the world become increasingly relevant. Young Italian people must be aware of the new challenges and learn to cope early on. It is crucial to learn more about Asian culture because ignorance has always been the seed of racism. In this project, a group of Italian students will make a virtual tour on a magic flying carpet to Asia in order to visit their Chinese friends. During the journey they will explore several aspects of Chinese culture, history, and economy. The script will be written in collaboration between students of two countries through e-mails. When the script is completed, each school will record their own video scenes. The final product will consist of a collaged video.


Israel, Italy, India, and China

Schools Participating in the Project

Ort Gutman High School


Grade 10

Galileo Galilei

Grade 11 Grade 12 (Actually in Italy high school classes are called "first, second, third, fourth and fifth") School Website:

Vidyasagar Siksha Niketan

School in Nithari, NOIDA, India was coordinated by Swagat Sen

Cixi Middle School

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Project Coordinator

Maria Antonietta Sessa

Project Moderators

Project Website on Ning

Flying Magic Carpet Ning Social Network


Final Video Recording of the Project

Recording the Project

  1. TipCam will record a video of your screen
    1. TipCam is a free and useful way to record whatever is on your screen.
    2. Upload the TipCam file to BlipTV and add the URL of the embedded code to your work.
  2. Video Recording of How to Make a Video Recording of Your Bagrut Project using TipCam and uploaded on BlipTV
  3. Listen to the following PowerPoint presentation of my favorite spots in Israel. You will be doing the same thing using Authorstream or TipCam with Youtube, BlipTV or other video programs.

Videos of the Project

Video of the Magic Carpet Project

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