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By the end of the seminar, participants will be familiar with the benefits of collaborative work and decide whether collaboration suits their work and/or study-related style.

Preknowledge for Collaborating on WikiEducator

Participants should be familiar with using a word processor and skilled at copying and pasting content.

Collaborative Projects on Wikieducator

The new educational model that is emerging with the introduction of ICT in the classroom and in particular the powerful collaboration tools and social networks of Web 2.0, is progressively changing the role of the teacher and the student and transforming the learning experience in a thrilling adventure of mutual discovery. Due to its enormous potential for collaborative work, wikis are increasingly being used, their application possibilities are many and varied, mostly in asynchronous cooperation between teacher-student, student groups, and groups of teachers. Gladys Gahona and Nellie Deutsch have been collaborating online on Wikieducator, a powerful wiki platform and various web tools and social networks, developing content, facilitating workshops, moderating live online sessions, and networking with other educators worldwide. Meet Wikieducator, an international community of educators who collaborate and share content.

Gladys Gahona and Nellie Deutsch have been collaborating in the development of online workshops for a number of months on WikiEducator, an international community dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of free content for learning. In the 3 week seminar on SCoPE from August 10 - August 28, 2009, Gladys and Nellie will introduce you to the many opportunities available to educators to learn from others, to collaborate on curriculum projects, and to explore new technologies that will improve educational access and quality.