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  • gradually populating the annotated card pages with basics (number, suit, psp-page, ...) (text and image urls later) - ...
  • been away for a while ... just doing what I can when time allows - Kim Tucker 23:38, 29 September 2012 (UTC)

Sort out templates and test templates


Quick ways of populating some properties:

Each card's page contains only:


Easily list cards by status

Initially we need lists by image status.

  • Just starting: {{lv-card-cats}} - populate all the categories and possibly remove duplicates such as finalising/finalizing and shortlist/under review.
    • Decide on meaningful values (currently using Lv-card-status-key with colours defined in {{Lv-card-status-colour}}).
      How about:
      • urgent - we urgently need to find a suitable image
      • requesting - requesting candidate images
      • shortlist - we have a shortlist and need to select one
      • finalising - an image has been selected for the card, final discussion
      • done - an image has been selected for this edition.

Take care of orphans

  • User:KTucker/ToDo/LV-orphans
  • sort out redirects - lv: prefixes and
    • "LV:Ethics of Community Informatics" has been moved to "LV:Ethics for Community Informatics" and all sub-pages!


- see {{lv-card-theme}}.

Deal with the general case for prefixes

Issue arose with LV:Privacy:

Please link to a better image.png
Everybody has information, activities, thoughts, and events that they'd rather keep private. But marketeers, security forces, and criminals are uncovering and exploiting these secrets, leading, sometimes to harassment or even torture or death. We need to be aware of the importance of Privacy and work to protect privacy rights and resist privacy invaders.
Written by Douglas Schuler. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Name of artist/photographer

Should display characters after the colon only (not including the colon). Test with {{{title}}}, {{PAGENAME}} and with {{annotated-lv-card}}.


  • For related cards (the /linked-cards sub-page) insert:
    • {{:lv-related-cards-template}}
    • See lv-related-cards-template which starts off as
      • [[:Category:LV:{{:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/suit}}|{{:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/suit}}]] {{vbar}}...
    • Categories/suits:
Category:LV:Organizing Principles
Category:LV:Enabling Systems
[[:Category:LV:Community and Organizational Building]] Category:LV:Community
Category:LV:Self Representation
  • Populate each /psp-page sub-page with URLs on this page.
  • As abbreviated text becomes available, add it to each card ... (done)
  • Tidy up image size on {{ThemedProjectNav02}} template - make image-size a parameter.
  • Tidy up redirects: new page LV:Activities/Image Quest 2.0 moved from [[LV:Image Quest 2.0]]
  • [[LV:Pattern Card Images]] (deleted)
  • Consider putting [[Category:LV:{{:{{PAGENAME}}/suit}}]] inside {{annotated-lv-card}} rather than having the second line in each page. Done:
  • Remove Category entries on card pages - they are now generated via {{lv-card-cats}} embedded in {{annotated-lv-card}}.
    • Done up to 60 - Kim Tucker 08:01, 24 October 2012 (UTC)
      • Done all - Kim Tucker 15:17, 24 October 2012 (UTC)