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This is a Liberating Voices learning activity for volunteers which will help Public Sphere Project to produce a pack of patterns cards.


We assume some familiarity with the concept and the project, so please browse the links on the Resources page for background.

As far as possible we have made the activities as simple as possible, but some advanced Mediawiki features have been used, so we also assume you are proficient with using WikiEducator.


You may also learn ...

... more about:

  • WikiEducator/ Mediawiki features[1] (e.g. templates, sub-pages, ...).
  • Licensing and use of media files on the web.
  • Collaboration via Mediawiki.
  • Designing, developing, managing and using information and communication systems that more fully meet human needs now — and in the future[2].

  1. The Resources page includes links to tutorials, courses etc. for getting started.
  2. This is a stated aim of the Liberating Voices project. See the Resources page for more background.