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A template to assign categories to cards based on properties.

Then it is easy to find all Liberating Voices cards which share that property.

Initially the focus is on what is needed: image status for Image Quest 2.0 - e.g. needs a way to find images without URL of top candidate image for current edition under development.

The template also assigns a category corresponding to the card's suit.


For now, don't use it - experimental and it is likely to be changed.

This experimental version generates categories from card sub-pages.

Insert the following in a Liberating Voices card page:


Currently we are most concerned with images, so the categories generated relate to images.


No direct parameters. All required information is obtained from card sub-pages relating to (e.g.) status or suit, etc.


Proposed for images:

  • urgent - we urgently need to find a suitable image
  • requesting - requesting candidate images
  • shortlist - we have a shortlist and need to select one
  • finalising - an image has been selected for the card, final discussion
  • done - an image has been selected for this edition.


Currently as per categories of cards on the book patterns ToC. Expand box right.

To Do

  • Remove Category entries on card pages - they are now generated via this template embedded in annotated-lv-card.
  • Decide on meaningful values (currently using Lv-card-status-key with colours defined in {{Lv-card-status-colour}}).
  • Populate all the categories and possibly remove duplicates such as 'finalising'/'finalizing' and 'shortlist'/'under review'.
    • Images use 'finalising' for now.