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Don't - Experimental.

Use this template to get a border colour for a Liberating Voices card.

This template is not usually used on its own but rather by other associated templates such as {{display-lv-card}}.


e.g. The following will return a colour:


returns: orange

To Do

  • Consider:
    • using a style-based approach
      • similar to or merging with {{lv-card-theme}}
        • problem: must be associated with a card theme and a suit, theme is applied to the card, suit is a property of a card
        • so display-lv-card needs to set table style (especially the suit indicators such as border) separately from the other style attributes. For now, let's assume suit is only indicated by the table's border colour.
          • OR: suit themes with each card-theme? - done - merged with {{lv-card-theme}}