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Here we are looking for images for cards that will be printed but note that the cards will be available for reuse in a variety of ways and listing multiple images for various cards depending on who's using them and for what purpose and context will be useful.

Discuss the criteria below:

  • The licence of the image must conform to the Free Cultural Works definition[1]
    • Image attribution must be reliably confirmed.
    • The Resources page includes hints on where to find appropriately licensed images.
  • The images can be abstract but they should help convey something of the nature of the pattern.
    • It's OK to be vaguely suggestive or evocative!!!
  • In general, landscape images work a lot better than portrait.
  • Good quality images are (of course) better than blurry, low-resolution, etc. images.
  • Printable resolution: <what would that be in pixels? - guess: about 1200 x 900>
    • The cards will be about 4" x 5.5" and the images c. 2"-3" x 1"-1.5", so, the image shouldn't have much detail.
      • Higher resolutions are likely to be useful in future.
  • Photographs or paintings & prints will integrate better than drawings or tables, graphs, etc.
  • Although ICT plays a strong role in the pattern language, non high-techy images are generally preferred.
  • Color and clarity are in. Murky is out!
    • Rich colors are good - but we do have some B&W (which will probably be sepia-ized a little).
  • The image must ultimately reside on Wikimedia commons - copy it over with full attribution information and link to it if you have time.
  • ...

  1. The cards will be released under the Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike licence.