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A template to obtain styles for properties of named themes for use anywhere (initially here). This enables the creation of other templates which may apply a theme. Themes are simply a combination of styles, usually for table elements containing titles, text, images, etc..

Some themes are illustrated here - a test page for Liberating Voices cards.


The template is designed for use with Liberating Voices cards. If the theme is not defined or the property is not defined, it returns an empty string. In general the returned value should go into a style descriptor for a table element (for e.g.) - i.e. replacing the three dots in 'style = "..."'.

The one exception so far is image-size which is an option for specifying the size of an image to be displayed. For example:


See Mediawiki help on images.


|name=<name of theme>
|property=<name of property>

Theme names are defined within this template.

The properties are usually style descriptions for elements of the table containing the card including:

  • table-style - a style for the whole table (do not define its border colour! - see suit-style below
  • suit-style - border-color of the whole card (independent of its thickness etc. in table-style) set by theme in {{lv-card-theme}}.
  • header-row - a style for the header row
  • header-link - a style for the link to the card's page in the header
  • image-cell - a style for the cell containing the image
  • text-cell - - a style for the cell containing the text
  • attribution-cell - - a style for the cell containing the attributions.

The following additional properties are not style descriptions:

  • image-size - size of image in px (default is 400)

For example


returns color:#ba3151;.


  • Layout variations are not handled yet.
  • Is it wise to include parameters which will return something other than a style? (e.g. image-size)

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Adapted from {{Box_Theme_Attribute}} which was derived from from WikiVersity.