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Contact-new.svg Ester La Torre
Occupation:EFL Teacher
Skype address:esteronline
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My Profile

Professional Background

  • Secondary education teaching professional
  • EFL teacher
  • Head of language department
  • Coordinator of the 5th class
  • Responsible for the School IT Lab
  • Member of the National Committee of TESOL ITALY
  • Coordinator of external certifications TRINITY COLLEGE
  • Teacher trainer for Primary school teachers
  • Tutor teacher at Florence University
  • Teacher of Italian to foreign students Aberdeen University UK


1980-Language Degree (ELT)- Inst. Univ. Orientale Naples

1985-Master: Didactic of EFL language and literature Univ.La Sapienza (Rm)

1996 NLP Course Inst. Pilgrims Univ.Kent Canterbury UK (Comenius-Socrates)

2000- Practitioner Diploma NLP Kite Inst. Londra

2000-Online Research Univ. of Florence

2003 ECDL-Aberdeen College Scotland

2005 Master "Building online knowledge" Univ. of Florence

2005"Untangle the web"- North Monastery Institute Cork-Irlanda

(Comenius 2.2 U.E.)





My Interests

Reading Theatre Cinema Travelling and experience different cultures


Use of mind map and graphic organizers in EFL

Multiple intelligences

Online tools to create activities


My first name is Esterina but I prefer Ester. I am an EFL teacher and I live in Italy,I teach in a secondary school. I do love technology and new ways of learning and teaching;I can be considered a stroller of the net, in fact I adore visiting educational sites, online libraries/ museums and experimenting different tools, when I leave the computer I feel really very tired.I have approached to distance learning since 1999 when I started to follow a yearly course at Florence university about research and evaluation of online didactic resources. After that I attended a Master at the same university and different courses: in Ireland a two week training course for teachers called Untangle the web and various online courses like Webhead, Images4Education,Microsoft training days. I only have a blog with online didactic resources for my students and participate to the development of a national project named SOS studenti (Indire ANSAS)



My Projects

My Sandbox

My Reflection

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Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

It is very nice to visit your user page.User:Rajnish Pandey

Very nice to meet you here. WikiEducator is a very warm and comfortable community. () . If there is any way I can help you, please let me know (coloured backgrounds, margins, user pages in multiple languages). Come visit my user page. Also, just to remind you, I put up a new page on which you can practice collaborating, by using your editorial skills included in the tutorial. See: Alternative Teaching methods and add your comments, criticisms, more methods, or reflections. Just try it. Cheers, Phil. --Phil Bartle 10:44, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

Like this

(Comment.gif: Welcome back, Ester. Perhaps, you would be interested in learning and helping the new members of the workshop the wiki way. Thank you. --Nellie Deutsch 17:06, 14 December 2009 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Thank you Nellie, it is always a pleasure to learn with you and Gladys. I'd like to be useful and help the new members, do you think I'll be able? Thank you for inviting me and let me "grow", btw I couldn't change the text colour(I quit).--Ester)

(Comment.gif: Thank you Phil, it is nice to know you, I've read your "Alternatives" and found lots of interesting things. I'll visit your User page now.)

Welcome to eL4C33

Enjoy the workshop :-)
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(Comment.gif: Well done, Ester. Good work so far. Keep adding and you are on your way. Warm wishes,--Patricia 00:49, 26 August 2009 (UTC)) (Comment.gif: Good start Ester if you need any help just ask me -- Rima)

10Q, I need some help with photo format, I am in a mess!
Upload the image as it is then change the size this is
the syntax [[Image:file name|type|location|size|caption]] more about
changing the images view is in Wikieducator_tutorial/Images_and_Media/Frames_and_Thumbnails if it didn't work tell me warm wishes Rima 22:41, 26 August 2009 (UTC)
Dear Rima, thank you! I created a sandbox inside the sandboxI don't know how I did it, I just wanted to create the new page, hope to do better.

(Comment.gif: Hi Ester I fixed your beautifull photo for you keep going you are doing great warm wishes Rima 09:15, 27 August 2009 (UTC))