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Wiki Discussion Forums
This is our forum room where participants hang out during coffee breaks.
Let's develop collective knowledge in OERs and wikis, while practicing our wiki skills!
Join the discussion threads and share your thoughts with others. :-)


Open Education Resources (OER) are becoming much more pervasive in tertiary education. Developing content which can be shared within one institution, or across continents represents a powerful paradigm shift in the distribution methods of learning content and courseware from traditional publishing models to those which are open and collaborative in nature. Major initiatives from leading institutions to provide open course ware further support the growth of this segment of online learning.

WE extend an open invitation to all educators around the world to join us on WikiEducator and on Moodle 4 eL4C33 workshop to receive a free basic Wiki editing skills online training in exchange for one Open Education Resource (free lesson plan, student guide, teacher handout or other lesson) developed on the Wiki.

Discussion thread Description
Please share your professional and personal background and interests and include your motivations for joining the Wiki Skills Workshop and what you expect to learn.
Copyright and my right to let others copy from me
Question copyright.svg
How much do we know about intellectual property and fair use of resources for teaching & learning purposes? Let's discuss.
Thoughts about wikis
To wiki or not to wiki? Please share with us your thoughts and/or concerns about wikis.
Why OERs?
Why "share" expertise & resources in these economic times? Who benefits from an OER textbook? Why higher education institutions like MIT, Tufts University, and others place courses online? Does sustainability have something to do with this?
My Learning Contract Project
Participants discuss Learning Contract Projects. Share your ideas with others...
Wiki Questions & Feedback
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If you have any questions, requests for support you can post these directly on this thread, your facilitators monitor this page and post the responses here. We also need your feedback on the current design of the workshop. Did you get the knowledge you expected? Did you identify any errors, or do you have ideas about how to make this workshop better? Your feedback is essential. Thank you in advance =).